Prey All Endings

Endings in Prey are multiple, and they depend on your actions. You get to decide the ultimate fate of Talos I, the Typhon, the crew, and your own. You can trigger either the Perdition Ending or the A Mind Without Limits Ending. This guide will help you unlock all Prey endings.

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Prey All Endings
Prey All Endings

To trigger the Prey finale, you have to go talk to Alex in his bunker in the Arboretum. You should probably wrap up your side objectives before you do so, since it’ll become way harder after this. To access the bunker, head over to Alex’s office and press the switch on the wall to reveal the hidden door. Depending on your choices, there’s two endings that can happen. You’ll either destroy Talos I completely, or destroy the Typhon only.

Prey A Mind Without Limits Ending

In the A Mind Without Limits ending, you’ll wipe out the Typhon on Talos I, but preserve the station itself. During your talk with Alex, he’ll hand over the Prototype Nullwave Transmitter fabrication plan. After you’re done talking, an enormous Typhon will attack the station and break the dome of the Arboretum. You can choose to save Alex and loot him in order to complete the Keys to the Kingdom side objective. However, this isn’t necessary for this ending. From here on out, you’ll have to avoid touching the Apex Tendrils, since they hurt quite a bit.

Once you have the Prototype Nullwave Transmitter, you’ll have to make your way back to Psychotronics, where the heart of the Coral is. Head through the Talos I Lobby into Psychotronics. Near the G.U.T.S. entrance, there’s a hatch through which you can enter Containment. Your goal is the containment chamber, and the way to there is through the Live Exam area. There’ll be several enemies, including Phantoms, Mimics and a Weaver, as well as Apex Tendrils. Also, beware the Cystoid nest at the door of the containment chamber. Once you enter the chamber, you’ll be in micro-gravity.

Head over to the sphere in the center of the Coral and install the Transmitter. Your next stop is the Command Deck on the Talos I Bridge. You can get there by backtracking to the Arboretum and then going through the Grav Shaft. Once there, you’ll meet Alex or January, depending on whether you’ve saved Alex.

Access the console on the Command Deck. If January is there, you’ll have to destroy it in order to complete the ending, since it’ll try and stop you. Activate the transmitter, and you’ll wipe out all Typhon on board (Apex Typhon included), leaving all the knowledge on Talos I intact.

How to Get Perdition Ending in Prey

In this ending, you’ll destroy Talos I entirely. Once the Apex Typhon attacks the station, immediately shoot Alex with the Disruptor Gun and grab him. Take the Alex Arming Key (and everything else) from him. You can choose to save him by dragging him back to the bunker if you want the I and Thou achievement. Remember to avoid the Apex Tendrils from now on.

Your next order of business is to access the Power Plant. You can get there by taking the Main Lift and through Life Support, or via G.U.T.S. Once inside, watch out for the two Technopaths with turrets. Drop to the ground floor and follow the marker to an access panel on the floor. Open it and press the button to open a nearby hatch. Head inside to reach the self-destruct console. Place Morgan’s Arming Key in the left slot, and Alex’s in the right one, then turn them.

Go to the Talos I Bridge by going back to Life Support and using the Main Elevator to reach the Arboretum, then heading through the Grav Shaft. Head upstairs to the Captain’s Loft, interact with the command console and initiate the self-destruct sequence. You now have eight minutes to escape. If you’ve saved Alex, he’ll be there, but refuse to escape with you. You can opt to stay with him and die as the station explodes. Simpy wait the timer down until Talos I explodes.

If you’d rather live, there’s two ways to escape. The quickest way is by Alex’s Escape Pod back in the Arboretum at the very top. However, you can only use it if you’ve gone to Alex’s suite in the Crew Quarters and picked up the EP101 keycard. Since the Arboretum has low gravity now, use your thrusters to fly to the escape pod. Open it, go inside, close the door behind you and activate the pod’s launch sequence.

The second way is more difficult, but a little more satisfying. Go back to the Arboretum, then down to the Lobby via the Main Lift. Run towards the Shuttle Bay, and watch out for the Phantoms and Mimics. When you reach Dahl’s command shuttle, you’ll find everybody you saved in there (if you’ve killed them or let them die, you’ll be getting the Awkward Ride Home achievement). If you have enough time, you can talk to Aaron, Igwe, Mikhaila and Sarah and loot the cargo area with Dahl’s keycard. Then, head to the cockpit and take a seat next to Dahl.

All that’s left, after either ending, is the post-credits scene, and your final choice.

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