Battlefield 1 gets the In the Name of the Tsar DLC

It was Napoleon who first made the mistake of invading Russia. As everyone else, he was defeated by tenacity and the Russian winter. Pretty much the same thing was attempted later in WWI and WWII, much to the same result as before. Battlefield 1 is bringing the joys of the Eastern Front to its players in the new DLC, obviously set before the communist revolution.

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in the name of the tsar
Winter should feature heavily in the expansion.

The roadmap was set a while ago, and it includes the Russian update this summer, followed by These Are the Turning Tides and Apocalypse. The former brings the Gallipoli Offensive and Zeebrugge Raid and other bits of amphibious warfare of WWI. Gallipoli campaign is especially interesting as it was the birth of national consciousness in both New Zealand and Australia, while it was also the dawn of the modern Turkey, as Kemat Ataturk rose to prominence in this battle. The latter expansion will cover the brutality of war in the worst battles of WWI, where tooth and nail was the name of the game. WWI was the birth of trench warfare and many of the terrible machines of war were created during it.

Russian front saw battles between Imperial Russia on the one side, Ottoman Empire, German Empire and Austro-Hungary on the other. Developers noted that you will be able to “ride with the legendary Hussars” and take part in the Brusilov offensive, where the Russian army overwhelmed the Austrian and where over 350,000 soldiers were involved. It would be interesting to see also the changes of the Revolution of 1917 on the fortunes of war.

Expect more details during the EA Play 2017 on June 10 where the first look at the expansion will be featured in a live broadcast, as well as the more precise release date for the expansion.


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