First Close Up Image of PlayStation 5 Controller Leaks

The PlayStation 5 info is leaking all over the place. We already know the console will sport an SSD that will play a much bigger role than just a storage unit. Recently we also found out pretty much everything about its GPU specs and backwards compatibility feature. Leaked patent images depicted DualShock 5 design, which looks very similar to the DualShock 4. And leaked PlayStation 5 developer kit photos showed what the future console might look like. Now, another set of photos leaked on ResetEra, this time showing the DualShock 5 controller up close and personal for the first time. Aside from the photo of the controller we also have the chance to see the PS5 dev kit from up close. The leak allegedly comes from a cleaner working at a developer studio. He asked people not to share the photos he took. They still shared them. Someone probably lost a job over these images. Oh well…

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PlayStation 5 Dualshock 5

PlayStation 5 controller looks just like on patent images

First of all, let’s take a closer look at the DualShock 5 photo. As you can see, the controller looks “thicker” compared to the DS4. It features a wide middle ridge and wider grips; sporting a design that is just so closer to the Xbox One controller. The button layout and analog sticks look almost exactly the same as on the DS4. The only noticeable difference, aside from the thicker design, is the bigger touchpad. The touchpad also doesn’t feature the subtle curve at the top end.

Further, buttons don’t have any markings but that’s okay since this is a dev kit controller. What’s interesting is, if you look closely at analog sticks, it seems they aren’t convex anymore. They look either flat or concave, just like on the Xbox One pad. That would be great, since the DS4’s convex sticks are really slippy, especially during warm days. As for the PlayStation 5 console, it’s the same old dev kit design. Remember, the final design will probably be noticeably different. Also remember that Sony is livestreaming its CES 2020 press conference tomorrow at 2am CET. Chances are the company will share some info about the upcoming console.


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