Lawbreakers is coming to PS4, in addition to PC

Cliff Bleszinski, the name behind the Gears of War trilogy on Xbox 360, has been working on a brand new game with his team. The game is targeting the somewhat saturated market of competitive first person shooters, so it will have to prove itself in the crowd.

The game is supposed to feature “thrilling fast-paced, omni-directional gameplay with innovative movement systems and combat abilities”. The main premise is that the laws of gravity have been somehow turned upside down. Or inside out. Oceans are boiling and the Grand Canyon is having a hard time dealing with gravitational issues. The two factions of this world, Law and the Breakers are duking it out in this gravity-less setting.

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The game originally had only the PC version in development, however, the PS4 version has been announced as well. The price is already known – it will be $29.99, with no season pass and all future content will be free. With promises of not being “pay to win” in any way, the developers are promising a solid amount of cosmetic things, to be bought via the Stash-box system of the game.

It is definitely a hard time to publish a game of this kind, with the twitchy fingers already checking out Quake Champions, which is well into its closed beta (read our thoughts about it here). And there is a lot of other competition, in the shape of Overwatch, as well as Battlefield and Call of Duty, not to mention free to play variants as well. Tough times to break into the market.

Still, there is always room for a surprise. Bleszinski and the Boss Key Productions seem determined, dedicated and honest in their attempt to shake things up with their shooter. And the trailer is accordingly well done. Expect more at E3 2017, including a playable PS4 version.

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