Platinum Games working on the first IP they will really own

Platinum is known for a number of games that are talked about years after their release, and rightfully so. However, the rights to all of their games actually belong to the publishers. Now, the studio wants to actually own their future IPs.

Vanquish will be out on PC for the first time in two days.

Atsushi Inaba, Platinum Games producer talked about the studio being at work on an IP that they actually owned. Platinum even hired a new director to hlep out. They are hoping that the new director will grow with the game so that they could finally have an IP to call their own.

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Platinum have been in the news recently as Sega decided to bring back some older Platinum-made titles. The first was Bayonetta, achieving solid success on Steam. Soon after, teases started coming and Vanquish was well on its way to Steam. The reception has proven that PC audiences are somewhat starved for Platinum creations, and the developer itself stated several times that they would like to see more of thier games on PC. The new IP will also be a chance to develop for PC from the start.

Atsushi Inaba also talked recently about juggling various projects and that one of the reasons they decided to hire another director was that they did not want to get to another situation where too many projects cause them to lose years of work, as it was the case with Scalebound. A reminder for the uninitiated, Scalebound was an action RPG developed by Platinum for Xbox One and PC, featuring a main character who could command dragons. Unfortunately, Microsoft cancelled the project last January.

Platinum Games is definitely one of the most creative (and well-loved) studios out there and it will definitely be interesting to see what they can come up with without being bound to publisher’s wishes (too much).

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