Spiderman is Nathan Drake, now waiting for Sully

Another one of those video game movies that has been in development for years has resurfaced. Just when you think it’s over, there comes a piece of news that rekindles the hope. A few weeks ago, it was Gears of War, this week it is Uncharted. Tom Holland has been snapped up for the role of young Nathan.

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tom holland spiderman uncharted
Spiderman turns treasure hunter?

For those who are into superhero movies, young Tom is a well-known face. His upcoming Spiderman: Homecoming is eagerly awaited, as a return to true form for Spiderman. Sony’s cooperation with Marvel is finally bringing your friendly neighborhood Spiderman to the fold of the Avengers. As one of the most beloved characters all over the world, this piece of news was generally applauded.

Since Sony is also the rights’ holder for the Uncharted movie as well, Holland’s work on Spiderman: Homecoming seems to have impressed the powers to be to so much that they have decided to give him the leading role of young Nathan Drake. Having in mind that we could have gotten Mark Wahlberg in this role, this is a godsend. One Max Payne was enough.

In other Uncharted news, The Lost Legacy has a confirmed launch for August 22. We expect more of a showing at E3, with a playable version available for perusing. This spin-off stars Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross, trying to find their way in the mountains of India, in search of, what else, an ancient artifact. Include war profiteering ex-lovers, 10 hours of gameplay, the largest single level ever in an Uncharted game and you have The Lost Legacy, out on August 22.

We can only keep fingers crossed for the Uncharted movie to finally gains some traction, having finally chosen its main role. Just as crucial, if not more, will be the choice of Sully. Someone with great mustache game, please.