Need for Speed Payback Gets Trailer & Release Date

EA have released a trailer for Need For Speed Payback, the latest entry in their long-running racing game series. The video explains the plot and reveals the release date, but sadly, doesn’t show off any gameplay footage.

need for speed payback trailer release date
Need for Speed Payback release date

It’s going to be as Fast and Furious as possible – you and your crew/family are going to take down the Bad Guys, while breaking every traffic law in existence. Truth be told, NFS was always at its best when it didn’t shy away from the silliness. Arcade racing with a simple plot, corny characters and car customization – there’s a reason much of the fan base has been clamouring for another NFS Underground for ten years.

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Here’s the official description:

Your car is at the center of everything you do. Craft unique rides with deeper performance and visual customization than ever before. From intense missions to high stakes car battles to jaw dropping set piece moments, Need for Speed Payback delivers an edge-of-your-seat, action-driving fantasy.

We’re not much for tuning, but slapping pink neons on the underside of a car is a strangely satisfying experience. We already knew the game would have a singleplayer campaign that won’t require you to be online at all times, so that’s a step forward. Now if they could just avoid littering the game with microtransactions, we’d be grateful.

Payback is going to be released on November 10th, on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. There’s no word of a Nintendo Switch version at this point, so don’t hold your breath. If you preorder the deluxe edition, you can get early access – a whooping three days earlier than the rest of the world. If that isn’t worth another $50, I don’t know what is. Looking at how the previous game fared, it’s probably best to wait for reviews of this one anyway.

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