E3 press conferences schedule: “The Big Three”

We are getting closer to undoubtedly the biggest event in gaming all year round – the E3. This time we’re bringing you the arguably most popular conferences, those of Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo.

god of war e3 poster
The huge poster is hopefully a sign of God of War getting more of a presence.

Microsoft’s Xbox conference will start on June 11 at 2 pm PDT/5pm EDT/9pm GMT, and you can follow it on Twitch, YouTube, IGN, and Gamespot. What we expect are more information on Project Scorpio (hopefully the console itself and maybe some games running on it). Other notables could include State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves and a new Forza Motorsport. 343 Industries will have something for gamers as well, but it will not be Halo 6.

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Sony’s conference starts on June 12 at 6 pm PDT/9 pm EDT (June 13, 1 am GMT) and you will be able to follow it on Playstation.com, Twitch, YouTube, IGN, and Gamespot. Currently, there are no games that will appear “for sure”, but the list of exclusive confirmations for E3 2017 include Days Gone, God of War, Gran Turismo, Spider-Man and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Things that might make an appearance include: Death Stranding, Detroit: Become Human, Dreams, Gran Turismo Sport, Knack 2, The Last of Us Part II, MatterFall, while we can also expect more on Destiny 2, Far Cry 5, Star Wars Battlefront 2, as well as Call of Duty: WWII.

Nintendo’s press conference starts on June 13, 9pm /PDT/12pm EDT/4pm GMT. You can follow it on E3.Nintendo.com. It will, once again, be a digital evnet. What can be expected is the Super Mario Odyssey and a bunch of Switch games. Hopefully, we will see Fire Emblem Warriors, Splatoon 2 and Xenoblade 2. There are some rumors regarding Pokemon Stars, a potential Super Smash Bros. title, and perhaps even the Mario + Rabids Kingdom Battle (which might be reserved for Ubisoft’s conference, though).

We will keep you posted on any changes in these schedules.

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