PaRappa and Gitaroo Man creators launch a Kickster campaign for the Rap Rabbit project

The new game from the creators with some serious cred when it comes to rhythm games have just announced a “story-led, rhythm-action adventure”. Project Rap Rabbit, as it is called, is looking for $1.1 million to fund the game development for PC and PS4 (more platforms are included in the stretch goals).

The Kickstarter page says the following:

Our grand hip hop saga takes place in an alternate history, circa 16th Century Japan. All is not well. The world is becoming a hostile place as people object to the growing diversification of their homelands. Citizens and neighbors are becoming increasingly suspicious of, and isolated from, one another.A toxic atmosphere of protectionism is taking hold.At the height of this culture of fear, an Earth-shattering calamity befalls the world. As the universe trembles from the aftershocks and the survivors try to rebuild what’s left of their lives, one rabbit embarks on a journey for truth, justice and liberty – and steps forward to do battle with the land’s most powerful overlords

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The name of the hero is Toto-Maru, who is a simple farmhand with uncanny special powers he gains through rap. Yes, and by using rhythm and rhyme he can beat his enemies and let peace rule the realm again. The actual system is a little more complicated than that and you can check it out at the actual Kickstarter page if you are interested in the details.

What would a Kickstarter be without Stretch goals? The devs are willing to include, among other things, an Xbox One version at $3.1 million, multiplayer vs mode at $4.4 million, as well as a Nintendo Switch version at $4.95 million. Who said games were cheap to make?

The Kickstarter has 35 days to go and it has already gathered $58,000 from 711 backers. Wish them luck, yo!

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