Steam Summer Sale leaked dates

It’s that time of year again, Steam Summer Sale is nigh, and it should kick off on June 22, if the rumors are to be believed. The leaks regarding Steam sales generally tend to be trustworthy, and the notoriety these dates have is well known.

Alan Wake Disappearing from Stores Due to Licensing Issues
Alan wake is leaving Steam today, due to licencing issues.

The leaked screenshot shows that the actual sale will end on July 5, which means two weeks of heartbreaking prices of gaming software. It will be pretty hard to say no – especially during those hot summer nights!

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Recently, Steam talked about changes and steps for the future. The plans include systematic solutions to current problems, such as the Greenlight system and Early Access. Also, ‘asset flips’ have become prominent on Steam, as well as different ways to ‘game the system’ and even make money on Steam Trading Cards.

Another problem is how to help the different sets of users who want different things, from those looking for pure AAA experiences to those interested in niche games. Steam wants to help users find what they prefer more easily, which, in turn, means improving their own algorithms.

Steam has also been discussing Steam Direct’s fee, which should prevent the above mentioned ‘asset flippers’ by charging publishers a certain amount of money that would be serve as a deterrent. Of course, this could also prevent proper indie developers from putting their games up on Steam, so it is a double-edged sword of sorts.

To reiterate, prepare yourself for the Summer Sale – either mentally or by earning large amounts of money to spend on digital goodies. Or just do as the author of these lines did and (accidentally) make sure your summer holiday trip aligns with Steam sales – depending on where you go, you might even end up in the green.

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