Playstation is having a great year for exclusives

Hell, you could say the same just by looking at one title – Horizon Zero Dawn. The adventures of the red-head Aloy in the land of robot-dinosaurs are popular among the critics and players, so much so that the game holds the title for the best-selling first party IP on Playstation 4, with 2.6 million sold so far.

crash bandicoot
“Shenmue III, guys!”

Looking at the year ahead, Playstation has quite a few exclusives listed. Some of them are coming out soon, some still have not set their release dates. Without further ado, four of the most important PS exclusives for 2017, ladies and gentlemen!

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Persona 5 – a JRPG for PS3/PS4 from the Persona series. The fans know what to expect, and if you are not one of them, then know that you will be spending a year in school in Japan, doing your courses and building relationships during the day, and slipping on your “persona” at night and fight demons. So, the usual stuff you might encounter in a Japanese highschool. Out on April 4, 2017.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – Ladies rule in this Uncharted spin-off, with Chloe and Nadine solving the mystery of India’s Ghats mountains. Expect beautiful scenery, lots of gunfights and solid puns. No release date yet.

Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy – Ok, this one has been long in the making. The mascot of the original Playstation will be back on June 30th.

Shenmue III – The first Shenmue was ground-breaking in many ways, but it was also the most expensive video game of its time. The sequel never sold well and the open-world 3D brawler adventure was not to be seen again until E3 2015, after which it became the fastest and highest-funded game ever on Kickstarter. Out (if nothing changes) in December 2017.

Of course, you might have some other idea as to what the most important exclusives are, but you have to agree this is a heck of a list.

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