Resident Evil Code: Veronica might be coming to PS4 soon

In accordance with the unofficial Capcom motto “As many games on as many platforms as possible”, RE Code: Veronica might be coming to PS4, just like Revelations. Germany’s USK (that’s like ESRB) seems to have accidentally confirmed that the game is coming. The information has since been removed, but it seems perfectly aligned with Capcom’s standard strategy.

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resident evil 7 chris
Chris Redfield is in Code: Veronica, but will feature in RE 7’s Not A Hero DLC, with new looks.

Code: Veronica is the last “original old-school” Resident Evil ever to be released. Initially, it was launched on the cult console Dreamcast in 2000. What came after were the Playstation 2 and Gamecube launches in 2001 and 2003, respectively, with mild graphical updates and an “X” added to the name. The game follows the Redfield siblings, Claire and Chris, as well as a new character, Steve Burnside, as they fight against yet another virus outbreak, this time on a remote island. Gameplay is very similar to the original titles, which is no surprise as the game was developed alongside RE 3: Nemesis.

What is as of yet unknown is the nature of this release. If this was a remake, Capcom would have probably been going on about it for some time. The most probable options are that the PS2 version becomes available on PS4, or that the version from the PS3/X360 remaster is used. Still, none of those two bring that much of an upgrade.

Having in mind that RE 7 is getting a new DLC, Revelations is coming to PS4/Xbox One and that Resident Evil 2 remake is on the way, it might be unrealistic to expect that Capcom managed to put in a lot of work in this title. Still, it is a great old game, with its B-movie grade overacting and lovely, lovely tank controls. If you are into that kind of thing, Capcom seems to have you sorted.