Sega teases a new Vanquish-related image on Twitter

Platinum Games have been talking lately about wanting to move as many of their existing games to PC as possible and Sega seems to have been getting the hang of it. After Bayonetta’s lovely April-Fools-turned real joke, there was another hint regarding Vanquish.

A couple of weeks ago, it was Bayonetta’s minuscule update of 22kb that got people interesting. It turned out that the update contained a single avater, the helmet of Sam Gideon, the main character of Vanquish. Sega went the extra step today and put out the above tweet, featuring the logo of the Order of the Russian Star from Vanquish, with the text “2017” in the corner. This has definitely been received as great news, especially considering that Bayonetta port proved technically excellent. Vanquish is another game that was stuck in console land for too long, as it was released on Xbox360 and PS3 only and never came to the new console generation.

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The game was solidly received, with reviewers praising the novel playstyle, as well as boss battles and the overall visual style, while at the same time criticizing the writing, voice acting and the general length of the game, which was deemed a bit on the short side. Directed by the famous Shinji Mikami, the man behind Resident Evil 4 and (later) The Evil Within, it featured a novel 3rd person shooting style, complete with the sliding-boost mechanic. Platinum Games signature style of mixing up various game mechanics, including bullet hell and beat ’em up was also present.

This announcement has certainly got a bit of attention, as PC players are finally getting some overdue titles that they had no opportunity to play before, and judging by Bayonetta, they are getting an optimized game with solid price.

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