Quake Champions enters open beta at the end of the week

Lucky ones have been participating in the closed beta for Quake Champions for some time now. The NDA is still going on so there is still no streaming or capturing involved. The good news is that NDA finishes on May 12 and Bethesda is preparing a ‘large scale tech test’, or, in other words, an open beta.

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The ‘open beta’ (let’s call it that), will be available to everyone, just remember to sign up at the website to get your code, because Bethesda confirms that there will be “no wondering if you’re going to get a code”. The current build features a new mode, dubbed Sacrifice, which is a 4 vs 4 competitive game, and the choice of your champion determines your success, as you have to combine their advantages and disadvantages.

Speaking of champions, last week introduced the Ranger, a well-known “slipgate marine”, survivor of Quake 2. The man who slayed gazillion Stroggs and took down Shub-Niggurath is back from the realms of nightmare to fight against the others. Other champions that have been presented so far include Galena, who is an unholy paladin, using traps and channeling to cut her way through enemies. There is also the Scalebearer, the galactic warlord, Anarky, the transhuman punk, and Nyx, the phantom agent, boasting her Ghost Walk dematerializations, and the wall jump. Slash, the roller queen, uses her Crouch Slide to escape trouble, while the Plasma Trail allows her to leave a glowing path damaging those who follow. Clutch is the ‘awakened automaton’, who has the Barrier, allowing him to protect himself and his buddies, while the Still Defense gives him reduced damage percentage.

The “large-scale tech test” will run from May 12 to May 21 and the game will stay live 24/7, with all the available champions and maps.


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