Sony has made their final PS3 – more than three years after PS4’s launch

You might have forgotten your old consoles when next-gen became current-gen, but PS3 was still sold and bought (and made) for the last three years. Lifetime sales for the console have reached more than 80 million consoles, which brings it very close to Xbox 360. Microsoft’s console had a seriously stronger start and was overall a better received machine, especially at the start of the previous generation. Sony made up the difference with a list of great exclusives and price drops.

the last of us joel
The Last of Us brought one of the most powerful stories in gaming.

At the launch, the console did not have a great line-up of games, with titles such as Call of Duty, MotorStorm, Resistance: Fall of Man, Ridge Racer 7, and Virtua Figher 5. The console was sleek, powerful, expensive and exceptionally difficult to program for. This caused a very slow uptake, especially compared to its predecessor, the PS2, which sold well over 150 million units worldwide, with a 13-year-long production cycle. Talk about old-timers!

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Playstation 3 has also brought some serious game-changers to the world of gaming. Uncharted games grew to be huge hits, alongside with The Last of Us, one of the best-rated games on the platform. Demon Souls – the predecessor of Dark Souls and Bloodborne – first saw life on PS3, as well as Little Big Planet, Journey, God of War III, Metal Gear Solid 4, Heavy Rain and the Killzone sequels.

As Playstation 4 is reaching its fourth year, it has been raking up some serious numbers. It has already reached 50 million, and there is a lot of life in this hardware yet. The PS4 Pro is there for those who want to get in on the 4k gaming on the cheap, using various techniques to circumvent the inability of the hardware to render things in native 4k for most graphically heavy games.

Xbox One has had a bit of a rough time and hangs in the mid-20s when it comes to million units sold. Microsoft has an ace up the sleeve though, because Scorpio is shaping up to be very powerful.

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