Nier Automata Demo Screenshots Released

Square Enix have released a batch of new screenshots from the Nier Automata demo that went live not long ago. If you think you won’t be able to try out the demo yourself, you can at least take a gander at these stills that show off some of the enemies, bosses and environments that can be found in the demo version of the game. They’re hardly a replacement for playing yourself, but they’ll sate the hunger somewhat.

nier automata demo screenshot boss
Nier Automata Demo Screenshots

If you have the time, storage space and bandwidth to download the demo and try it out yourself, you really should. It might be short, but it should give you a feel for the game. If you’re not a fan of the original, this is a great opportunity to set your expectations.

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If not, you’ll have to make do with the gallery below. The images are mostly of the environments found in the demo, although a couple do show off some of the common enemies, as well as what looks like a mini-boss. The chainsaw wielding giant is in there, too. There are a couple of shots that show of different views – one depicts what looks like a side-on platforming section, while the other offers a bird’s eye view of a battlefield with multiple opponents.

Weirdly enough, they’ve chosen a greyish brown construction yard as the demo area, which doesn’t seem to do the game much justice. Previous videos have shown off much more exciting places, so this seems like a strange move.

Nier Automata is going to be released on March 7th, on Playstation 4. There’s also going to be a PC version, but there’s no firm release date for it yet. There’s no talk of an Xbox version, and it’s quite probable there won’t be one at all.

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