Gravity Rush 2 Demo Out on PlayStation

Gravity Rush 2 Demo is out on PlayStation from December 22nd, and you can get it through the PS Store. It is that time of the year. With the holidays creeping closer, game demos are coming out. You’ll be able to try this one out for free for a while, but you should probably make haste, since the game is coming out in a month.

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Gravity Rush 2
Gravity Rush 2 Demo now on PlayStation

Nick Accordino, Associate Project Manager, made a post about it on the Playstation Blog. Do not freak out if you don’t see the Gravity Rush 2 Demo in the store yet. Sometimes it takes a bit of time for the store to upload the new items. Be sure to check the demo tab. Do not type the name of the game in the search menu.

Players who decide to download this demo and play it can choose to go through two paths. One path is designed for new Gravity Rush players, while the second is for the more experienced ones – the ones that are well acquainted with Kat’s powers.

This is the same demo a bunch of lucky players have already played in September. It only lasted a few days. It was also restricted to Play Station Plus members in Japan. Yes, it meant that everyone with a Japanese Playstation account could’ve played it, provided they had a Plus subscription.

This version of the Gravity Rush 2 Demo is without restrictions and comes in English as well. If you are into free games and demos, be sure to check out the Nier: Automata free demo. This one also came out today. It is a 4,72 GB download, with an hour or so of gameplay.

Gravity Rush 2’s release date was set for later this year, initally. Unfortunately, it was delayed to January 20th. If you’re anxious to get the game and need something to pass the time, an anime called Gravity Rush Overture is to be released for free on YouTube, on December 26th. This anime bridges the gap between the first and second game.

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