Nier Replicant Bream - Fisherman's Gambit Part 4

Bream in Nier Replicant is a fish that you can catch, and it is the main focus of the Fisherman’s Gambit Part 4 quest, for which you need to get five. There are two problems that you have to solve there. The first one is where to find bream in the first place, and once you know that, what is the best lure to use to catch one. We’ll cover both of these in our Nier Replicant Bream – Fisherman’s Gambit Part 4 guide.

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nier replicant bream fishermans gambit part 4
Nier Replicant Bream – Fisherman’s Gambit Part 4

How to Catch Bream in Nier Replicant – Best Bait to Get Bream in Fisherman’s Gambit Part 4 Quest

To catch a Nier Replicant bream in the Fisherman’s Gambit Part 4 quest, the best bait to use is the lugworm or the lure. If you’ve just picked up this step after catching a rainbow trout, head up the stairs from the pier and find the tackle shop on the right. Lures cost 100 gold a piece, which, yes, is kinda pricey, but what can you do. Lugworms cost only 10 gold a pop. Make sure to get a few, just in case. You don’t wanna get just one and then have to run back after catching some other random fish.

Now that you have the lure, time to catch the bream. Simply go back to the pier where the old man is standing and cast your line. You can stand next to the old man, or on the beach to the right, makes no real difference. Keep in mind that you might get a bunch of other fish in the process, because breams are rare. You’ll probably get a few blowfish or sardines. You can sell them, but do keep a few sardines; you’ll need them to catch sharks later.

So, just keep fishing on the Seafront pier, and you’ll get the bream in Nier Replicant soon enough. Once you catch five, go back to the old man to complete Fisherman’s Gambit Part 4 and get your fishing skill up. This will trigger the next step of the quest, in which you’ll have to catch black bass, but more on that elsewhere. Also, completing this step levels your fishing enough to where you can get a shark for the Bon Appetit quest.

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