Nioh 2 Free PS5 Upgrade from PS4 Version, DLC Issue

The free PS5 upgrade for Nioh 2 from the PS4 version allows people that owned the game on the previous console generation to get an enhanced experience. Basically, it means that you don’t have to purchase a PlayStation 4 version of Nioh 2 in order to get the most from your new device. However, there have been some problems with the system, including DLC issues. That is, once you figure out how to get the free Nioh 2 PS5 upgrade in the first place, because that can be tricky too. With all that said, here’s our Nioh 2 Free PS5 Upgrade from PS4 Version, DLC Issue guide to help you out.

nioh 2 free ps5 upgrade from ps4 version dlc issue
Nioh 2 Free PS5 Upgrade from PS4 Version, DLC Issue

How to Get Free PS5 Nioh 2 Upgrade From PS4 Version?

To get the free Nioh 2 PS5 upgrade from the PS4 version, you first have to have the game installed on your PlayStation 5. Then, highlight the PS4 version in the home menu and hit down on the d-pad. Then go over to the “…” to the right of the Launch Game button and in that menu, you should find the option to download the free upgrade. Mind you, this only works for Nioh 2; the first Nioh is not part of the package. You have to re-buy the remastered version of Nioh 1 separately, no matter whether you already own it on PS4. That said, both games have the cross-save option, but we’ll get into that in a minute.

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How to Fix Nioh 2 Free PS5 DLC Upgrade Issue?

To fix the Nioh 2 free PS5 upgrade DLC issue, you have to go into the store and re-purchase every one of them for 1 cent a pop. At least, that’s how things are at the time of writing. The thing is, those DLCs are supposed to be free with your PlayStation 5 upgrade of Nioh 2, but they’re currently not. However, the developers are aware of the issue and are working on fixing it. However, if you don’t want to wait, it’s not exactly gonna put you out of house and home. This is especially important to mention, considering that you might need to buy them in order to transfer your character and cross-save properly. Speaking of which…

How to Transfer Nioh 2 Cross-Save & Character to PS5?

To transfer your Nioh 2 save and character to PS5, you have to make sure that you have all the DLCs bought, if you’ve had them before, as we’ve explained above. Also, you have to have Nioh 2 installed on your PlayStation 4 (same goes if you’re trying to transfer your Nioh 1 save). Go to Settings and find the cross-save option, which you can use to upload both your save and your character to the cloud. Now, boot the game up on PS5 and download your stuff. It’s not necessarily the most elegant of systems, but it works just fine overall. Again, the biggest possible stumbling stone is getting the DLCs beforehand.

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