Nioh 2 Mezuki Boss Fight

Mezuki is one of the bosses in Nioh 2. He’s the first boss you’ll encounter, during the mission at the Village of Cursed Blossoms. A demon with a horse’s head, Mezuki will seriously put what you’ve learned so far to the test. We spent quite some time trying to figure him out, and if you’re having trouble, we’re glad to pass on what we’ve learned. This guide will show you how to beat Mezuki in Nioh 2.

how to beat mezuki nioh 2
Nioh 2 Mezuki Boss Fight

How to beat Mezuki?

Before you begin, you really should equip a yokai weapon. They’re imbued with corruption, and they do increased ki damage. When you’ve chipped enough ki from your opponent’s gauge, you’ll be able to stun them. Also, there’s a special gauge that fills when you’re using a yokai weapon, and when it’s filled, its damage will increase for a time. So try to get one if you can. We got ours, a Mino Uchigatana, from the big nasty demon guarding the defiled shrine near the place where you get the Inner Shrine Key.

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When you get to the arena, it’s pretty much all about conserving ki. Try not to overextend yourself. Most of his cleaver attacks can be blocked safely – it’s the off-hand attacks you should be worried about. The most devastating one comes when he raises his hand, grabs you by the head and starts sawing through you with his weapon. Keep your eyes on his shoulders, and you’ll be able to read most of his attacks.

There’s also a backhanded slap which can easily be dodged, and a hind leg kick which he performs when you stand behind his back too long. He’s actually more dangerous when you try to keep a distance – he can shoot homing ghost projectiles at you, or perform a nasty charging attack. If you see white mist forming around him, get ready to dodge.

After you’ve damaged him enough, he’ll transform into a more powerful version of himself. Ironically, he telegraphs his attacks more clearly in this form, and is safer to stay away from. If the rock in the middle of the room is still standing, you can kite him around it until he’s back to his old ways.

Make good use of your guardian spirit form. When your Amrita gauge is full, activate spirit form to do a lot of damage. Try not to get his while in spirit form, because it’ll drain your energy, making you transform back sooner. The perfect time for it would be at some point after the boss’ transformation.

In short, keep an eye on your ki, and another on Mezuki’s shoulders. Use a yokai weapon if you have one. Stay on the side of his dominant hand, and don’t drift too far away from him. If you have any consumables that increase your ki recovery speed, now would be the time to use them. Run away after he enters super saiyan mode, then finish him off with your own.

Nioh 2 doesn't pull any punches, so you might get stuck before you've even begun playing. We've written a guide to help you choose your starting weapon and guardian spirit, and another that shows how to reset skills if you invest in the wrong ones. Once you've dug in, you'll probably want to know how to unlock onmyo magic & ninja proficiency skills, or how to change and use Yokai Shift forms. Getting more skill points is always a priority, which is why we've written about locks of hair locations. If you're hunting rare soul cores, you'll probably want to know about the Mujina locations - finding them is tricky.

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