Where to Get Pre-Order Items in Nioh 2

Nioh 2 preorder bonus items include some very useful items, including the Demon Horde armor and weapons, the Sudama Netsuke Charm, etc. Naturally, every player wants to know where to get the preorder bonuses that they’ve paid good money for, and Nioh 2 is no exception. Plus, the players that have gotten their physical copies early have been having trouble finding their stuff. If you’re having trouble figuring out where to find your Nioh 2 preorder bonuses, then our Where to Get Pre-Order Items in Nioh 2 guide is the place for you.

Where to Get Pre-Order Items in Nioh 2
Where to Get Pre-Order Items in Nioh 2

Nioh 2 Preorder Bonuses – Where to Find?

To find your preorder bonuses in Nioh 2, the first step is to select the Starting Point on the world map. Then, select Shrine. Cycle through the options until you get to Boons. It’s the little plate with the box icon on it. Select Boons, and then just claim all the pre-order DLC stuff that you’ve earned. This includes the likes of the Demon Horde armor set and weapons, the Nodama Netsuke and Sudama Netsuke charms etc. When you collect everything, you can go into your Hut and put all the gear on.

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As for the PlayStation theme and avatars, you get those automatically when you download and install the game. Changing the avatars and the themes works just the same as with any others. Nothing particularly interesting there, really. As for the in-game items, now you know what you need to do to get them. Well, aside from one potential snag.

Demon Horde Armor Set, Sudama Netsuke Charm not Appearing in Early Physical Copies – What to Do?

If you’ve got an early physical copy of Nioh 2, certain items like the Demon Horde armor set and the Sudama Netsuke charm might not be appearing in the Boons section for you. Don’t worry, that doesn’t seem to be a bug. Apparently, these items will become available for you once the game launches officially in your area. So, just be patient, and everything will be fine.

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