Nioh Chugoku Region Kodama Locations - Where to find green spirits

Chugoku region is the second area you’ll explore in Nioh. There are 25 Kodama to find there, and they’re scattered across four quest – two main and two sub mission. Getting them is no easy feat, but will help you inch closer to the Kodama Leader trophy. This guide will show you all Kodama locations in Chugoku region in Nioh.

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The Silver Mine Writhes Kodama locations

The Silver Mine Writhes is a main mission in the second region. As the name suggests, it takes place in a silver mine, and it’s home to 9 lost forest spirits. The mission ends with you fighting a giant centipede. If you’re not after the trophy, you could just collect the ones on this map, which would be enough to provide some buffs while you’re in the area.

Kodama locations in The Ocean Roars Again

The next mission is called The Ocean Roars Again. It’s set in a flooded fortress/temple. In order to progress, you’ll have to find and light three bonfires across the map. This will help you later, as you fight the giant blob that serves as the area’s boss. It will also unlock the Keeper of the Flame trophy. There are 9 Kodama here as well.

The Three Angry Gods side mission Kodama locations

This is the first time you’ll find Kodama in a side mission. The sub mission is called The Three Angry Gods, and it takes place in and around a deserted temple. There are only 4 little green buddies to find here, but they’re really well hidden.

Collectible locations in The Conspirators mission

The last three Kodama are stranded in a side mission called The Conspirators. This sub quest takes place on a couple of wrecked ships turned into a fortress. The map isn’t all that smaller than usual, which means the collectibles are further away than you’d expect.

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