Nioh Onryoki - How to Beat Second Boss

Onryoki is the second boss you’ll fight in Nioh. This monster is strong and has a lot of health, but it’s very slow. You need to be agile and dodge a lot. In this guide, we’ll show you how to kill Onryoki in Nioh.

How to Beat Onryoki
Nioh – How to Kill Onryoki

How to Defeat Nioh Second Boss Onryoki

Onryoki is a pretty powerful boss, but not very fast nor agile. This will give you a huge edge in the fight. You’ll need to be quick and agile to defeat Onryoki, so we recommend you use the lower stance of whatever weapon you’re using. the damage is pretty much the same, but it spends less ki when you dodge. And you’ll be doing a lot of dodging. Also, some light armor won’t go amiss.

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This boss has a lot of health, but it’s not so difficult. You just have to arm yourself with patience. The main strategy for defeating Onryoki will be familiar to Soulsbourne players. You want to get behind the boss and quite literally beat his posterior.

Since this boss is slow and lumbering, what you need to do is to dodge behind him, land a few hits, then block. The blocking is key, since the boss will do a whirl attack with his shackles every so often. After the whirl attack, get back into position behind him (excuse the phrasing) and repeat the process.

After you take off about a third of its health, Onryoki will cast off his shackles. It will be a little more mobile now, but the tactic stays the same. Pretty much the only difference is that you’ll now have to dodge the huge metal balls he sometimes throws at you. They hurt a lot, but fortunately, they’re easy to evade. Get behind the boss and keep dealing damage. Remember to dodge away after a few hits.

Finally, when Onryoki is down to one third of his health, dark-gray smoke will start emanating from it. It’ll start using some new attacks, and it’ll try to grab you. It telegraphs its strongest attack by slowly lifting up its arm, so be prepared to dodge to the side. As before, keep attacking from the side and dodge after landing a couple of hits.

Eventually, the boss will go down, and you’ll get your reward.

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