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Nioh Nue Boss Guide

Nue Boss Fight

Nue is a boss you’ll encounter in Nioh. You can find him in the main mission called The Spirit Stone Slumbers, located in the Kyushu…

nioh umi bozu boss

Umi-bozu Boss Fight

Umi-bozu is a boss in Nioh. It appears at the end of the Oceans Roar Again main mission. It’s a giant sea blob that spits…

nioh tachibana muneshige duel side mission

Tachibana Muneshige Sub Mission Boss

Tachibana Muneshige is one of the bosses in Nioh. You’ll first encounter him during a main mission, where you should have no trouble defeating him….

nioh hino-enma boss fight

Hino-enma Boss Fight

Hino-enma is a boss in Nioh. She’s a cave-dwelling succubus you’ll encounter in Deep in the Shadows, the second proper mission. She’s really fast and…

How to Beat Onryoki

How to Beat Onryoki

Onryoki is the second boss you’ll fight in Nioh. This monster is strong and has a lot of health, but it’s very slow. You need…

How to Beat Derrick The Executioner First Boss

How to Beat Derrick The Executioner

Derrick The Executioner is the first boss in Nioh you’ll encounter. Relatively speaking, he’s not too difficult if you get his pattern down. In this…