Nioh Mimic Chest Locations - Where to find Tanuki

Mimic chests are special yokai in Nioh. They appear to be regular chests, but they’re actually tanuki demons in disguise. When you open one, the tanuki will jump out and make a mirror image of you. The image will then perform a gesture. If you can match it, you’ll learn another emote and get some nice loot. If not, you’ll have to fight it. This guide is going to show you all Nioh mimic chest locations, which gestures to perform to avoid fighting them.

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nioh mimic chest tanuki
Nioh mimic chest locations
You’ll recognize them by the decorative golden fittings – regular chests have two, while mimics have three. There’s no danger in opening them, but this will let you prepare. If you match the gesture, you’ll get a gesture and some treasure. If you don’t, you’ll have to fight. In case you do, you’ll get another gesture, but only if you defeat the mimic.

Where to find mimic chests in Nioh

Mission: A Request From Ginchyo side mission
Where to find: It’s in the building to the left from the temple stairs, the one with an axe-wielding enemy in front. Enter and go to the back. You’ll find the chest in the back.
Required gesture: That’s Not Good (red)

Mission: A Request From Ginchyo side mission
Where to find: When you reach the temple at the top of the stairs, open the door. There’s an separate area to the left of the altar – this is where the chest is located.
Required gesture: Clap (blue)

The gestures you get as rewards seem to depend on which gestures you’ve already acquired. As for the items – they’re mostly weapons that you won’t find all that useful, crafting materials and such. We’re going to update the guide as we progress through the game, but if you find some mimics yourself, feel free to share.

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