Nioh Hidden Teahouse - How to unlock Clan Vendor

Hidden Teahouse is a special location in Nioh. It’s a place where you’ll go to meet the clan merchant, who sells stuff in exchange for glory. It’s accessed from the starting point menu, but it’s going to be locked for a long time before you get to use it. This guide is going to show you how to unlock hidden teahouse in Nioh.

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nioh hidden teahouse
Nioh Hidden Teahouse

How to unlock Hidden Teahouse in Nioh

The hidden teahouse will be unlocked automatically after a certain point in the story. It will happen while you’re in the Kinki region. There’s a mission called Spider Nest Castle. At the end of it, you’ll get to fight a giant spider-woman demon, called Joro-gumo. You’ll meet Danjo, the clan merchant, during the cutscene after the fight. He’ll use magic to take you to the teahouse. After that, you’ll be able to go there from the starting point on the map whenever you like.

There’s a lot of stuff Danjo can do for you. He can facilitate a clan transfer, letting you choose whichever faction gives the best bonuses for your play style. He allows you to track the progress of clan battles. He can sell you transform skins. He also sells a bunch of cool stuff, like rare crafting materials and gestures. One of the most interesting options you can pick is to buy unidentifited equipment.

If you’ve played games like Diablo, you’ll be familiar with this – you spend a certain amount of money to buy a certain kind of item, without knowing its stats. For instance, you give Danjo 250 glory for a helmet. You have no idea how much protection it offers, or what special effects it has. It could turn out to be the best helmet in the game, or a complete piece of trash.

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