Nioh Umi-bozu Boss Fight - How to defeat water monster

Umi-bozu is a boss in Nioh. It appears at the end of the Oceans Roar Again main mission. It’s a giant sea blob that spits out shipwrecks at you. It can be extremely hard to beat if you’re a heavy weapon user. Axes and spears aren’t gonna cut it this time. If you approach it with the right equipment, the fight is a piece of cake. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to defeat Umi-bozu in Nioh.

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nioh umi bozu boss
Umi-bozu boss fight

How to beat Umi-bozu

Before you enter the arena, make sure you’ve found and activated all evil-warding bonfires in the ruins. They’re going to stop additional enemies from spawning during the boss fight.

Once inside, you’ll notice three large pyres. Use them to apply a fire effect to your weapon – the boss is extremely weak to its effect. Make sure you’re equipped with a fast weapon. Dual katanas work best – the faster the weapon, the better. Fire does a constant amount of damage per hit, so it doesn’t matter how much physical damage the weapon does, only hot often it can hit. Prepare a couple of fire charms as well, in case the pyres don’t do the trick.

During the first phase, you need to evade the arm smashes and ships the monster spits out. They’re fairly easy to notice, so you shouldn’t have any problem here. Use the pauses while he jumps over the arena to reignite your weapon if the fire isn’t working anymore. The arms seem weaker than the body, but running after them is a waste of time. Keep hitting the body until the blob jumps into the middle of the arena. During the second phase, you should keep close and do your best not to get squashed. This is also a great time to use your spirit guardian’s living weapon power.

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    Don’t use the pyres. Leave them burning, otherwise you’ll have mooks to deal with in 2nd half of the fight while you’re trying to focus on the boss. Instead use any fire amulets you have, or weapons with fire damage and switch your guardian spirit to the fire type too. This fight is actually pretty easy if you know what you’re doing.

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