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Path of Atlas is one of the main storylines in No Man’s Sky. It begins early on, but you can quit it at many points during the game. It revolves around helping the Atlas entity and collecting Atlas Stones. This guide will show you where to start Atlas storyline in No Man’s Sky, how to successfully finish it, how it ends.

path of atlas storyline no man's sky

How to start Path of Atlas

Pretty early on in the game, you’ll meet Atlas, the mysterious space entity, for the first time. The game will present you with a choice: to follow the Path of Atlas, or to go off exploring. If you wish to know more about this ancient consciousness and its motives, you should choose to follow the path.

This will set a waypoint towards an Atlas Interface. It’s a floating space station where Atlas resides, and a place where you can pick up an Atlas Stone and a free Warp Cell. Every time you talk to Atlas in one of these stations, you’ll have a chance to stop helping it.

How to finish Atlas storyline

You’ll have to keep visiting the Atlas Interfaces. Every time you land in one and talk to Atlas, you’ll get another stone. Keep in mind, this will require a lot of fuel, since there isn’t an Atlas Station in every system. When you’ve collected 10 stones, you’ll be one step away from the finish line.

The next time you visit a station, with the 10 stones in your inventory, you’ll have the option to use them to birth a new star.

Atlas Ending

When you go to the newly created star, you’ll be transported into another galaxy, starting the game anew. You will keep your discoveries, your knowledge, and all the upgrades for your ship, suit and multitool.

You will, however, be stranded like you were when you first began, and will have to fix all your equipement before you can take off.

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