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no man's sky monolith puzzle solutions

Monolith Puzzle Solutions

Monoliths are ancient buildings in No Man’s Sky. Each one was built by one of the three big alien races. Interacting with it will present…

path of atlas storyline no man's sky

Path of Atlas Storyline

Path of Atlas is one of the main storylines in No Man’s Sky. It begins early on, but you can quit it at many points…

no man's sky korvax conversations

Korvax Optional Quests & Conversations

Korvax conversations happen when you interact with Korvax aliens in No Man’s Sky. The regular ones will only give you trading options, but there are…

gek optional conversations no man's sky

Gek Optional Conversations

Gek conversations are dialogue puzzles in No Man’s Sky. When speaking to Gek aliens, you’ll have several choices to pick from – some yielding rewards,…

vy'keen optional quests conversations no man's sky

Vy’keen Optional Quests & Conversations

Vy’keen Optional Conversations are a type of puzzle in No Man’s Sky. When you meet a Vy’keen alien, they’ll sometimes present you with a situation…