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Signal Scanners are places of interest in No Man’s Sky. Interacting with them will allow you to scan the surface of the planet you’re on, discovering other things to investigate.
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They aren’t free to use, though. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to use signal scanners in No Man’s Sky, which options to choose.

signal scanner no man's sky

Signal Scanner

When you approach the scanner and insert a Bypass Chip into it, it will let you choose one of four options. Here’s what each of these options can result in:
  1. Monolith:
    • Knowledge stone – This will teach you an alien word and increase your standing with the race it belongs to
    • Monolith – If you solve its riddle, you’ll get a reward (item, upgrade, material) and increased standing with the local race
  2. Colonial Outpost:
      • Colonial Outpost – A locked building (just shoot the door to enter) with a puzzle inside. Solving it will net you some materials, items or a new word.
      • Manufacturing Facility – Same as above, except the rewards are most often crafting blueprints.
  3. Transmission:
    • Transmission Tower – The tower will show you a signal from a crashed starship. When you find it, it will be yours for the taking, if you decide to repair it.
    • Beacon – Finding a beacon will lead you towards a planetary outpost. You’ll find an alien who you can talk to there. You might learn a new word, improve your standing with their race, or get a more tangible reward.
    • Observatory – This will let you scan space for places of interest, but you’ll need to solve a puzzle first.
  4. Shelter:
    • Drop Pod – Drop Pods are used to buy Exosuit upgrades, which will let you increase inventory space.
    • Shelter – Small houses that hold various rewards (from blueprints to new words).
Each Bypass Chip will let you run one scan, but you can scan repeatedly if you have more chips.

How to get Bypass Chips

They can be crafted easily, and require just a handful of materials. You’ll get the blueprint when you start the game, and you’ll need these to use it:
  • Iron x10
  • Platinum x10
If you have any left over after you scan the planet, you can sell them for 3,5k units a pop, which makes them great for farming money in the early game.


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