The Order 1886 Chapter 4 Collectibles And Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get through The Order: 1886 Chapter 4 – An Endless Battle, which sees you entering and exploring the hospital after making your way through Whitechapel. We’ll also mark the locations of all the collectible items you can find along the way.
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The events of this chapter unfold during the fifteenth day of October, 1886.

Use The Underground Tunnel To Get To The Hospital

Follow Igraine down the stairs to the hall. Go through the tunnels toward the platforms. The closed off tunnels will lead you to a dead end, giving you a glimpse of the hospital exit through metal bars.

Find Another Way To The Exit

Backtrack towards the entrance, and you’ll hear one of the gates that was closed moments ago open. Shoot the enemies who opened it, and proceed into the engine room. Beware – the engine room has several well hidden enemies that can easily kill you if you’re not careful. Once it’s clear, head to the corner opposite the one you entered. Go through the door and up the escalator.

When you enter the hospital lobby, you’ll see an elevated area in front of you, with small stairs leading up to it. A desk in that area has the Hospital Patient List on it.

Go down the corridor on your right. When you reach the end, Igraine and you will split up, your task being to explore the basement.

Investigate The Basement

Go down the stairs and jump off the edge with the broken banister. Pass through the storage chambers, and go down to where the patients’ rooms are. Once there, a Lycan Elder will attack you. Press L2 and R2 for quick and heavy attacks, respectively. Tilt the right stick to dodge when he charges (a button prompt will appear on screen).

Find Igraine

After you’ve chased the Lycan away, go up the stairs. You’ll enter a large, round room littered with crates. As you find Igraine and start clearing the way to her, the Lycan Elder will appear once more. The rules of this battle are pretty much the same as the one before it. You can press L1 to use a Blacksight attack, and you can use a pipe off the floor to hit by pressing Triangle.

Search The Rebel Hideout

After you’ve carried Igraine to the bed, you should explore the rebel den you’ve just discovered. There is a table to your left, next to the large map on the wall, with the Photo Of UIC Management. Inspect the papers on the other table as well. On the right side of the room, there is an Airship Manifest on the table with the drawers. Be sure to check the drawers as well.

Across the hall from the counter, there’s a locked door you can open using the Stamford Lockpick. To use it, hold L2 to highlight the tumbler, then slowly tilt the right stick until you feel the vibrations are fading or see the pin is in position. Press R2 to lock it in position and move onto the next one.

Inside, you’ll find two phonograph cylinders – All Throughout The Night is on the table, while The Anarchist 29.09.86 is in the chest on the floor. Finally, take a look at the uniforms on the clothes rack.

Go back to the bed and help Igraine leave.

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