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the order 1886 trophy list

All Collectible Locations Guide

While playing The Order: 1886, you have the opportunity to collect and inspect various things along the way. These aren’t here just for giving the…

the order 1886 chapter 9 collectible locations guide 19

An Uneasy Alliance Collectibles

In this guide, we will lead you through chapter 9 of The Order: 1886, called “An Uneasy Alliance”. We’ll also mention (and show) the locations…

The Order 1886 Chapter 8

Chapter 6-8 Walkthrough

Chapters 6-8 don’t have any collectibles. During chapter 6 you are asked to inspect one item – “pocket watch” – but that is about it….

the order 1886 chapter 3 collectible locations guide 29

Inequalities Collectibles And Walkthrough

In this walkthrough we will guide you through the third chapter of The Order: 1886, called Inequalities. We’ll also list the locations of all the…

The Order 1886 Chapter 2 Amongst Equals

Chapter 2 Collectible Locations Guide

Chapter 2 in The Order: 1886 is called Amongst Equals and it takes place in one of the most uniquely designed surroundings that will surely…