The Order 1886 Chapter 3 Collectible Locations & Walkthrough

In this walkthrough we will guide you through the third chapter of The Order: 1886, called Inequalities. We’ll also list the locations of all the collectibles available – newspapers, objects, photos/documents and phonograph cylinders.
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After you’re done talking to Tesla, your next task will be to find and explore the London Hospital. You’ll go to Whitechapel by carriage, and the rest of the way on foot. The events that follow happen on the fifteenth day of October 1886.

Get To The Hospital Undetected

Turn to face the carriage, walk around it and go down the alley in front of you. You’ll find an old newspaper on a crate with the headline Karl Benz: Wunderbares Clara!. Go back to where you started and head down the passage and over the wall. Help Perceval open the gate, then follow Lafayette up the stairs, where he will break down the door.

When you enter the room, you’ll find a Smoking Pipe on the desk to your right. Leave using the opposite door, go down the stairs and into the tunnel. Look at the apple to your left – throw it at the thug guarding the passage, and when he comes after you, Lafayette will knock him out.

Go down the stairs into the homeless shelter. In the far end of the room, on a crate, you’ll see a Coffin Sleeping Flyer. Go back to the courtyard and climb the stairs above the shelter entrance. Follow the road to a square where you’ll see a bunch of people listening to a speech.

Head To The Alleyway

After you’ve been noticed in the crowd, turn around and enter the alley to the left. Squeeze between the buildings and you’ll happen upon a man beating a woman. After you’ve defended her, go past the door on the left and take a look at the barrel in the right corner of the courtyard. You’ll see some newspapers you can inspect, writing about the Assault on Mayfair. Go back to the door and pick the lock using the Stamford Lockpick.

To use it, hold L2 to highlight the tumbler, then slowly tilt the right stick until you feel the vibrations are fading or see the pin is in position. Press R2 to lock it in position and move onto the next one.

You are now in the brothel. The table to your right (the one with the sleeping patron) has a Prostitute Ad on it. Go down the small stairs to the roulette table and inspect the Rebel Armband. Head towards the bar, and look at the barrel-table to your left – there is a King’s College Lecture transcript on it. After you’ve finished sightseeing, talk to Lafayette.

Climb the stairs, go down the hallway and into the last room on your right.

Find A Way To The Hospital

Exit onto the terrace and climb the wall to your left. Make a left, and jump at the wall across the gap, grabbing the ledge. Shimmy across the ledge past the windows to your right and climb to the roof. After taking a few turns, you’ll arrive to a gap. Jump across it and climb into the room. There is a phonograph cylinder (Sons and Daughters of Britain) on the crate in the far right corner. Behind you, there is a wheel you can use to lift up the pulley outside.

Get to the door and grab onto the ledge. Shimmy to your left to find another phonograph cylinder (The Anarchist 12.10.86) inside a chest you can open with your knife. Go back to the ledge and shimmy all the way to the right. Climb in through the window, go down the stairs and through the corridor, out the window, then jump down to the street.

Fight Through The Rebel Ambush

As you enter the square, enemies will start shooting at you. When you’ve dispatched them, enter the store on the left, go up the stairs and pick up the sniper rifle. Go down the other stairs and meet up with Lafayette. After you fight a few more enemies, a cart will block your way, forcing you to go up the stairs to your left. Once you break down the boards and go through the hole in the wall, a great big gunfight is going to go down.

The best way to stay alive is to go to the room that overlooks the street and snipe enemies from cover. When Lafayette warns you about shotgunners, switch to your pistol and aim for the door. Once you shoot down both of them, take out the rifle again and continue sniping. There are also grenadiers at some point, which Lafayette will warn you about as well. When you hear him, just change your position for a while. Whenever the screen turns red, dive behind cover. After a few waves, with a little luck you’ll have killed them all.

Find A Way To The Rooftops

Follow Lafayette to the cart and help him push it. Climb it and go through the ruined room on the left. On one of the crates, you’ll find a Propaganda Cartoon. Go back to Lafayette and climb to the rooftops.

Use the monocular to find Perceval and Igraine down in the streets, then use it to find airship Sentinel 5 up in the sky. Once you’ve found it, signal it with the monocular (use the touchpad to send a Morse code message).

Rendezvous With Perceval And Igraine

Go through the debris until you reach a huge gap between buildings. Jump across it, then enter the window. On top of the bookshelf to your right there is a Stuffed Sackboy Doll. Follow the stairs to ground level and exit into the alley. You can take the first enemy out silently, but the rest of them you’ll have to shoot.

Ignite Thermite In The Distillery

After you’ve met up with the other Knights, you’ll get your first chance to use the Thermite Rifle. Once you’ve cleared the street, you’ll enter the distillery. On the large table to the right, there is a Map Of London. Use the thermite to make an exit and continue on your way.

You’ll run into some enemies as you progress, but the Thermite Rifle will make them quite forgettable. After you’ve killed off the last group, you’ll have to help Perceval turn a ruined cart into a ramp.

Plant Thermite On The Bridge

Go up the ramp, through the apartment and onto the balcony. Place the thermite onto the pillar and ignite it. Jump across the gap into the next apartment, where you’ll find newspapers on the coffee table (Rule Britannia! But Where Is The Queen?). Go down the stairs.

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