The Order 1886 Chapter 11 Brothers in Arms Collectibles And Walkthrough

Chapter 11 – Brothers in Arms takes place in the United India House. There are fourteen collectibles to be found here, five of them near the end of the chapter.
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What is also distinct from the other chapters is the big reveal you’ll witness at the end. A couple of fights versus large numbers of enemies are not something you haven’t experienced yet.

The events of this chapter take place on the Eighteenth Day of October, 1886.

Follow Lucan

As the chapter starts and you enter the first room you come in contact with two collectibles. The first one is just straight from the entrance on a small desk, in the corner of the room, next to the lamp. This is the newspaper “Crystal Palace in Ruins After Airship Crash”. The other collectible is in the next room. This is where you will also collect the repeating arbalest weapon. The collectible is on the small small desk to the right from the entrance. This is the photograph of “Three Soldiers”.As you leave the room you find yourself in at the start of the chapter, you begin following Lucan. When you notice him making his first jump, wait for a bit and go down the stairs on the platform he jumps from. Follow this path until you reach a dead end. There is a chest you should open there. Inside it is a phonograph “The Anarchists 17.10.86”.

Where to acquire the gate key?

Following Lucan you’ll end up in United India Gardens. To find the gate key you have to kill all the guards found in the garden. This is a great opportunity to perform stealth kills and earn yourself the trophy Snuffed Out (Kill 7 enemies with silent takedowns).

Unlock the gate

When you acquire the gate key you are supposed to unlock the gate. Before you do that, take a look at the room opposite the gate you are supposed to unlock. The newspaper “District Paralyzed by Power Failure” is hiding inside.

Clear the West Wing

After you rendezvous with Lucan and jump over the tall wall you will enter a new room. On the table, to the right from the entrance is the photograph “My Dearest Elizabeth”. More guards for stealth kills, too.

Infiltrate the United India House

Following the story, you team up with the rebel leader. As you turn next to the stone statue and are about to walk up the stairs, take a look to your right. There is a path leading to a door. This door leads to the room with the object “Ceylon Tea”. It is on a table, next to the tool box.The next two events consist of two fights in front of and inside the United India House. Win them and go to the rebel leader once you are done. She will open the door to the next room. To the right from the entrance, on a table, next to the record player is the phonograph “News From the East Indies”. Next to this table is the door to the armory. You have to pick the lock and enter it. On the table inside is the document “Statement as to Death”.The armory is a good place to change weapons and refill ammo. There is an M2 Falchion auto-rifle inside. Take it and use its secondary fire on a bunch of enemies inside the next room. It counts toward the trophy Discombobulated (Stun an enemy 30 times with the M2 ‘Falchion’).
Heading forward you’ll climb to the second floor. Lucan will open the door to the next room. On the table inside is the phonograph “Ramayana, First Verse”. The next balcony you find is where you will fight a large number of enemies from. It is a bit different from other battlegrounds as you have ammo and weapons in the same place, ready for action.The next room has, among other things, a piano. Next to this piano is a desk with a candlestick. This desk holds the newspaper “Rebels Spread Terror on Westminster Bridge”.

Search the archives

This is where we can collect the last collectibles in the chapter. The phonograph “Chopin, Prelude in E-minor, ‘Dying Away'” is inside the bookcase to the right from where you enter. To the left from where you enter, on the first desk is the document to “Dear Lord Hastings”. On the same side of the archive, in the last bookcase to your left is the phonograph “The Captain’s Testament”. The last collectible is at the far end of the room, on the desk, next to the flowers. It is the photograph of ” the Head of the Statue of Liberty”.

Eliminate the Lycans

Without the intention of spoiling the story – eventually you end up in a storage room with several Lycans. To defeat them most efficiently, get yourself into a corner. You can now take control of the camera and track the Lycans’ movement more easily. Shoot them as they go toward you. Dodge their attacks using the “X” button, if you are not a good shot. Future events are also spoilers and you will have to experience them on your own.
The Order 1886 Eliminate the Lycans
If you position yourself like this you can notice Lycans movement more easier.
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