Outer Worlds Worst Contact - How to Reach Jessie

Reach & Talk to Jessie in Outer Worlds is a step in a quest that Ellie gives you in the Medical Bay on the Groundbreaker. The Talk to Jessie step in the Outer Worlds Worst Contact quest seems pretty straightforward, but there’s a catch. In order to reach Jessie, you have to go through a Restricted Area, where you’ll be shot on sight. That kinda throws a wrench into the whole situation. If this is bothering you, then our Outer Worlds Worst Contact – How to Reach Jessie is the right place to come to.

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Outer Worlds Worst Contact How to Reach Jessie
Outer Worlds Worst Contact – How to Reach Jessie

How to Reach & Talk to Jessie in Worst Contact Outer Worlds Quest?

To reach Jessie Doyle in the Worst Contact quest in Outer Worlds, you’ll have to get into the Restricted Area in the Medical Bay. So, after you talk with Ellie and get the quest, proceed through either door. It’s okay, you’re allowed to be in that room, even though there’s patients and nurses around. However, the room beyond is where the Restricted Area, as you can clearly see by the words emblazoned on the door. From this point, there are two ways that you can proceed, one being more dangerous than the other.

The first one is to grab the Groundbreaker ID Cartridge from the small table on the left of the door. This little thing, in combination with the Holographic Shroud, will allow you to enter any forbidden area on the Groundbreaker. As long as the Shroud has enough charge, that is. So, regardless of how you approach this mission, I’d recommend taking the cartridge for future use. The second method is to simply sneak behind the one guard that patrols the area. That’s what we did, just for kicks, and it worked perfectly. The decision, of course, is ultimately up to you.

However you choose to tackle the Restricted Area, turn right into the Quarantine zone. Turn the corner on the right, and you’ll find a device that you can use to Speak with Jessie. Tell her that Ellie sent you, and that she’s very worried. Jessie will let you inside her room. This is where I’ll leave you off to avoid spoilers. Proceed with the quest as you see fit. Good luck!

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