Overwatch Doomfist Release Date & New Hero Preview Revealed

Doomfist has launched on the Overwatch PTR a while ago. However, Blizzard is preparing to launch the new hero in the full game. Doomfist will go live in Overwatch on July 27th, 2017. The Overwatch team has also released a hero preview video, where several developers talk about the new hero and the challenges they faced while making Doomfist.

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Overwatch Doomfist Release Date & New Hero Preview Revealed
Overwatch Doomfist Release Date & New Hero Preview Revealed

Overwatch players have been clamoring for Doomfist for a very, very long time. The excitement only grew after Blizzard released the hero on the Overwatch PTR, and many people probably can’t wait to give Doomfist a spin. Well, the wait is finally coming to an end. Starting July 27th, 2017, all Overwatch players will be able to play as Doomfist in the game proper.

There’s also a new Hero Preview video for Doomfist on the official Overwatch YouTube channel. In the video, members of the developer team talk abut how Doomfist came to be, and what the unique challenges they faced while making him were.

According to the video, the concept began with just the name. As the team was developing villains, somebody mentioned the name Doomfist, and that’s how the character was born. The first mention of him is in one of the earliest cinematics, where a kid looks at Doomfist’s gauntlet in awe. Pretty much from then on, he was a talking point for many fans.

His character is kinda interesting, as well as his villainous motivations. Doomfist doesn’t see himself as the villain. In his eyes, he’s just facilitating the evolution of mankind. For him, there’s no place for the weak in the world. Of course, this makes him a complete menace to others.

One of the challenges that the developers had to overcome was how they would implement a predominantly melee character into an FPS. As a result, Doomfist is a lot more than just a dude who punches people, despite the inspiration for him coming from old-school 2D fighting games. Playing Doomfist allows for a lot of strategy and depth on top of that satisfying crunch after you rocket punch an opponent into the wall.

You can watch the full Doomfist hero preview video below. For more information about Doomfist himself, check out our Doomfist Info Revealed in Overwatch Developer Update article.

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