Destiny 2 Titan Striker Subclass Skills Shown Off in Beta

The Titan Striker subclass list of all skills and abilities shows everything you need to know about it. This is one of the two new Titan subclasses. Unlike the other one, called Sentinel, this one is a bit more aggressive.

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Titan Striker Subclass List of All Skills and Abilities Destiny 2
Destiny 2 Titan Striker Subclass List of All Skills and Abilities

Striker Talents Tree

You can have all four passives active at any time, while for the grenade, class skill and movement mode abilities, you’ll have to choose only one. They can be changed anytime you like, letting you pick the appropriate for the purpose of the current and future fights.

We’ve also made a table with skills and abilities for the second Titan subclass – Sentinel.

Super Ability
Fists of HavocSupercharge your fists and slam the ground with the force of a maelstrom. Default binds to L1+R1/ LB+RB.
LightningA grenade that sticks to any surface and emits bolts of lighting.
PulseA grenade that periodically damages enemies inside its explosion radius.
FlashbangAn explosive grenade that disorients enemies it damages.
Class Skill
Towering BarricadePress and Hold Circle/B to create a large barrier that can be used to reinforce a position with cover from enemy fire.
Rally BarricadePress and Hold Circle/B to create a small barrier that allows you to peek over it while aiming down sights, and which instantly reloads your equipped weapon when you take cover.
Movement Mode
High LifeJump while airborne to activate Lift and launch into the air to greater heights.
Strafe LiftJump while airborne to activate Lift and launch into the air with strong directional control.
Catapult LiftJump while airborne to activate Lift and launch into the air with a strong initial burst of momentum.
Passives – Code of the Earthshaker
Seismic StrikeWhile sprinting, activate this melee ability to slam shoulder-first into your target and release an Arc explosion on impact.
AftershocksDamaging enemies with Seismic Strike recharges your grenade.
MagnitudeGain an additional grenade charge. Increases the duration of grenade effects.
Terminal VelocityFist of Havoc’s ground slam attack leaves a damage-dealing field in its wake and deals more damage the longer it’s in the air.
Code of the Juggernaut – Upgrade Points needed
I – Frontal AssaultStrike an enemy with this Melee Ability to reload your weapon and increase your weapon stability.
II – ReversalMelee kills immediately trigger health regeneration.
III – KnockoutCritically wounding an enemy or breaking their shields increases your melee range and damage.
IV – TrampleKilling enemies with Fists of Havoc extends its duration.

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