Destiny 2 Beta Secrets & Easter Eggs

Destiny 2 beta is in full swing, and although it’s not really heavy on content, the community has already discovered some curious easter eggs. There is hidden stuff here, that’s for sure. Although most of it consists of references to the first game, there are some actual secrets. In this guide, we’re going to list all Destiny 2 beta secrets & easter eggs.

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destiny 2 secrets easter eggs
Destiny 2 beta secrets & easter eggs

Lost Sector out of bounds glitch

One player has discovered a way to enter what everyone presumes is the Lost Sector. The entrance has been discovered in the Inverted Spire strike on Nessus, near a suspicious door. It’s a bit difficult to pull off, as these out of bounds glitches usually are, and there’s really not much to see once you manage it, but hey – it’s a secret.

Vex launchers on Nessus / Storm minotaur event

Another secret area on Nessus, the Vex launchers are hidden near the beginning of the strike. They’re easy to reach, but you’ll have to deal with some tough enemies once you’re there. Ultimately, they don’t lead anywhere, but they’re interesting to see nonetheless. If you want a detailed explanation of how to reach them, check out our Secret Vex launchers on Nessus article.

VoG triangle door

We’ve already mentioned the suspicious door – it can be found during the Inverted Spire strike. It cannot be opened at this point, but many players suspect it leads to the Lost Sector. It looks like the door that led to the Vault of Glass in the previous game.

Purple ball

One of the things you can find in what remains of the Tower during the Homecoming mission is a friendly face in a bad state. The attack cost us hundreds of lives, destroyed our home and kidnapped the Traveller, but this is what cause the most rage in the community – the death of the purple ball. One player discovered the ball’s remains and shared them on Reddit, which caused an unprecedented amount of grief.

Hope for The Future burried jukebox

On a lighter note, the team at Bungie found a way to acknowledge the fact that most people didn’t really enjoy the song Paul McCartney wrote for the first game. If you get near a certain door in the ruins of the lounge, you can faintly hear a jukebox playing in the distance, under all that rubble. It plays a warped version of Hope for The Future. They’ve literally burried it.

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