Brace yourself: Persona spin-offs are coming

Persona 5 has been long in coming, but a successful project for Atlus. As the pinnacle of the publisher/developer’s list of games, they are continuing their practice of creating spin-offs, this time in a more, well, light-hearted manner.

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Persona 4: Dance All Night was the first dancing spin-off.

For those who remember the Persona 4: Dancing All Night which came out in 2015 on PS Vita, there will be more. Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night will be arriving to PS4 and Vita. In case you were wondering what is up with all the dancing games – they seem to be popular with Persona fans, while at the same time they are cheap to make. Put your hands together, brother!

Another title that falls under the spin-off category is Persona Q2, announced for 3DS. This seems to be a sequel to the 2014 crossover RPG for 3DS. The previous game featured the casts of Persona 3 and 4 being drawn by an unknown force from their timelines. Perhaps Q2 will add the Persona 5 cast to the mixture?

Persona 5 and Atlus have been generally received with nothing but raving reviews and praise, however, the publisher’s strict attitude towards streaming, include various limitations caused quite an uproar back in April. After addressing the issue, Atlus allowed for certain portions of the game to be streamed freely, up until the moment when the story starts winding up towards the climax. Previously, the game disabled the share button on PS4 right after the first boss fight, which many found to be too short a time.

After a long development time for Persona 5, which was originally announced in 2013 for PS3, but came out in 2017 (2016 in Japan) for both PS3 and PS4, it might be a little overwhelming to see this many Persona games coming to various platforms. Still, the fans will probably appreciate it, as they did previous spin-offs.