Defog Pokemon BDSP Hidden Move - Route 210 Clear the Fog

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (or Pokemon BDSP for short), you will be able to do all sorts of things. You will be able to trade, change your appearance, and get all sorts of Pokemon (which can even be Fossil Pokemon you can restore back to life). There are other gameplay mechanics as well, which include hidden moves like the Rock Smash, and the Defog. If you have reached the section that has thick fog and you were wondering how to clear the fog on Route 210, this hidden move will help you do exactly that. Our Defog Pokemon BDSP – How to Get Defog Hidden Move guide will show you the location where you can find Defog, as well as how to use it to clear the fog on Route 210.

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Defog Pokemon BDSP - How to Get Defog Hidden Move

How to Get Defog – Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Hidden Move

To be able to receive this hidden move, go to Pastoria City. There, you will come across the Pastroria Great Marsh Observatory Gate. Go inside and talk to the receptionist there. You will need to pay ₽500. Once you’ve purchased a ticket to play the Safari Game, proceed outside. There, just to your right, you will see a person with green hair. Approach and talk with them. This person is the one that will give you the Defog Hidden Move.

How to Use Defog Hidden Move in Pokemon BDSP

To use the Defog Hidden Move in Pokemon BDSP, whip out your Poketech when you are surrounded by fog. Scroll through the available options in it until you come across the Hidden Moves section. Select the Defog move here. This will bring down a Bird Pokemon which will then flap its wings and clear out the fog. That’s all there is to it, select and use this move whenever you find yourself in the middle of thick fog.

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