Member Card in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

While Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (Pokemon BDSP for short) has been a pretty faithful remake of the original Nintendo DS games from 2006, it does have a number of changes. These do a good job of differentiating it from the originals and keeping its gameplay feel fresh and exciting. However, these changes sometime leave players that have played through the first games confused over whether or not certain things are also present in the remakes or not. The Member Card is one such item. If you are one of the players that have played Pokemon Diamond and Pearl on the Nintendo DS, then you probably remember this item and what it does. But is it present in Pokemon BDSP, too? Our Member Card in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond guide is here to answer that very question.

Member Card in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

How to Get Member Card in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

For those players that do not know what the Member Card is – it is an item that you use to unlock a house in Canalave City. Inside, you can then find and battle Darkrai. This Mythic Pokemon is one half of the so-called Lunar Duo, the second half being Cresselia. In the original games, this was an event item. However, in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, this item still hasn’t appeared. As such, it is currently impossible to either get it or to fight and capture the Darkrai Mythical Pokemon.

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The house where you could find it in the original games is still available in Canalave City and it is still locked. This almost certainly means that it will become available sometime in the future. The Member Card – and Darkrai with it – will probably come as part of some future DLC or event, and we can expect it to be similar to how it was in the past games.

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