Pokemon GO Egg Hatching Chart Updated for Recent Changes

The famous Baby Pokemon Update in Pokemon GO brought a whole host of new things to the game. The biggest change was adding seven Generation 2 Pokemon Babies that hatch from PokeEggs. However, it turned out that the introduction of new Pokemon was a surface change. There have been more alterations to the Egg hatching system that developers didn’t mention. Thanks to the good people at The Silph Road, we have an updated Egg Hatching Chart for Pokemon GO.

While most casual players were busy with the holiday event, dedicated trainers were hatching Eggs and collecting data. Then, Reddit user leandrorhcp took the information and put together this valuable chart of Pokemon and the Eggs they hatch from. Photo credit goes to leandrorhcp.

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Pokemon GO Egg Hatching Chart Updated for Recent Changes
Pokemon GO Egg Hatching Chart Updated for Recent Changes

The study in question, conducted by The Silph Road, unveiled some very interesting facts. The first thing they noticed was that evolved forms of Baby Pokemon no longer appear in Eggs. Out of over 1.600 Eggs hatched after the update, only one had a Pikachu in it. However, the trainer that got that Pikachu wasn’t sure whether they collected that Egg before or after the update.

The other major change is that, apparently, region-specific Pokemon don’t hatch from Eggs, either. This change probably happened some time in the late summer, since that’s when trainers started to notice the lack of regional Pokemon in Eggs.

For those new to the concept, regional Pokemon are Farfetch’d, Kandaskhan, Mr. Mime and Tauros. They can only be found in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America, respectively. So, yes, the only way you can get those is to travel to said continents, or wait for the Pokemon GO Trading System to go live.

Another thing to note is that, as promised by Niantic, Pidgey and Rattata won’t infest your Eggs anymore. Though, according to the comments on the updated Egg hatching Chart thread on Reddit, there are still more Pokemon that trainers are sick of getting. Which one is yours? Mine is Zubat. The stupid bat is everywhere in my neighborhood.

Once again, huge kudos to leandrorhcp for the chart. Happy hunting, trainers!

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