Zelda BotW Shrine Rewards & Challenges

Zelda BoTW Shrine rewards are treasures you’ll find while exploring the many dungeons in Breath of The Wild. Some shrines are more difficult than others, so we’ve decided to make a list. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Zelda Breath of the Wild Shrine rewards, challenge difficulties and the contents of their treasure chests.

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Zelda BotW Shrine Rewards Treasure Chests Challenges
Zelda BotW Shrine Rewards
If you are wondering where to find all 120 of the shrines and their locations, be sure to check out our Zelda BotW Shrine Locations guide

Shrine Treasure Chest Rewards & Difficulty List

Although there are 120 Shrines in Zelda Breath of the Wild, they offer a decent amount of different challenges. The ones called Blessings offers no challenge while inside the shrine, but in order to even discover them, you’ll need to work a bit – completing the puzzles, quests and more.

Once inside the Shrine, you can find various hidden treasure chests and, eventually, the main prize – Spirit Orbs. If you pay attention to the global map, and there is a chest icon next to a shrine, it means you’ve found the treasures. If there is a blue mark at the center of the shrine icon, you’ve collected the Spirit Orb as well.

To beat the Shrine Guardians easily, attack them with the Frostblade. It will freeze them, making them vulnerable to attacks. From there, I usually go with Thunderblade for additional stun duration and damage. Combine these attacks with some fire weapons, and they go down fast. Once they target the ground around them with a laser, glide on top of them and perform an attack. In the end, they will charge one powerful attack towards you. Be sure to hit them as much as you can, and after couple of seconds, just run around them until they start charging this attack again.

The most difficult Shrines are listed below as 5 full stars (★), the easiest ones – The Blessings, are 0 stars. Their difficulty levels vary based on the personal experience of completing them all, time needed for their completion, and the number of methods used in their solving. You might find some easier or harder.

Great Plateau

No.NameDifficultyChallenge NameRewards
1Keh Namut★☆☆☆☆Cryonis TrialTraveler’s Spear (3)
2Owa Daim★★☆☆☆Stasis TrialTraveler’s Shield (4)
3Ja Baij★☆☆☆☆Bomb TrialTraveler’s Claymore (10)
4Oman Au★☆☆☆☆Magnesis TrialTraveler’s Bow (5)

West Necluda

No.NameDifficultyChallenge NameRewards
1Bosh Kala★☆☆☆☆The Wind Guides YouAmber
Soldier’s Claymore (20)
2Wahgo Katta★☆☆☆☆Metal ConnectionsAmber
3Hila Rao★★☆☆☆Drifting5x Ice Arrow
4Shee Venath★★★★★Twin MemoriesSerpentine Spear (12)
5Ree Dahee★★☆☆☆Timing is CriticalClimber’s Bandanna
6Shee Vaneer★★★★★Twin MemoriesEightfold Longblade (32)
7Ha Dahamar★★★☆☆The Water GuidesPurple Rupee
8Kam Urog★★☆☆☆Trial of PassageOpal
Soldier’s Spear (7)
9Ta’loh Naeg★★★☆☆Ta’loh Naeg’s TeachingEightfold Blade (15)
Shield of the Mind’s Eye (16)
10Daka Tuss★★☆☆☆Sunken ScoopSilver Longsword (28)
11Toto Sah★★☆☆☆ApparatusShield of the Mind’s Eye (16)
12Lakna Rokee☆☆☆☆☆BlessingEdge of Duality (50)

East Necluda

No.NameDifficultyChallenge NameRewards
1Myahm Agana★☆☆☆☆ApparatusPhrenic Bow (10)
2Muwo Jeem★★★☆☆A Modest Test of StrengthAncient Battle Axe + (45)
Guardian Shield + (30)
Knight’s Bow (26)
3Chaas Qeta★★★★☆A Major Test of StrengthAncient Battle Axe ++ (60)
Guardian Sword ++ (40)
Guardian Spear ++ (20)
Climbing Gear
4Yah Rin★★★☆☆A Weighty DecisionGuardian Weapons
Knight’s Broadsword (26)
5Korgu Chideh☆☆☆☆☆BlessingGold Rupee
6Kah Yah★★☆☆☆Quick ThinkingKnight’s Claymore
7Tawa Jin☆☆☆☆☆BlessingGreat Thunderblade (32)


No.NameDifficultyChallenge NameRewards
1Shoda San★★☆☆☆Impeccable Timing5x Ice Arrow
2Qukah Nata☆☆☆☆☆BlessingRubber Tights
3Shai Utoh★★★★☆Halt the TiltSoldier’s Broadsword (14)
Ancient Core
4Pumaag Nitae★★☆☆☆A Minor Test of StrengthGuardian Shield (18)
Guardian Sword (20)
Boomerang (20)
5Ka’o Makagh★★★☆☆Metal Doors Open the WaySoldier’s Bow (14)
6Shae Katha☆☆☆☆☆BlessingThunderspear (22)
7Ya Naga★★★☆☆Shatter the HeavensEightfold Blade (15)
8Ishto Soh★★★☆☆Bravery’s GraspAncient Core
9Shoqa Tatone★★★☆☆A Modest Test of StrengthGuardian Spear+ (15)
Guardian Shield+ (30)
Royal Broadsword (47)

Gerudo Desert

No.NameDifficultyChallenge NameRewards
1Rota Ooh★★★☆☆Passing of the GatesFeathered Edge (15)
2Dah Kaso★★☆☆☆A Minor Test of StrengthGuardian Spear (10)
Ancient Core
3Jee Noh★★★★★On the MoveOpal
4Dila Maag☆☆☆☆☆Dila Maag’s BlessingBarbarian Armor
5Kay Noh★★★☆☆Power of ElectricityGerudo Scimitar
6Dako Tah★★★★☆Electric PathAncient Core
Moonlight Scimitar (25)
Silver Rupee
Radiant Shield (35)
7Daqo Chisay★★★☆☆The Whole PictureThunderblade (22)
8Misae Suma☆☆☆☆☆BlessingDiamond
9Raqa Zunzo☆☆☆☆☆BlessingRadiant Shield (35)
10Hawa Koth★★★☆☆The Current SolutionAncient Core
Gold Rupee
11Tho Kayu☆☆☆☆☆BlessingGolden Bow (14)
12Kema Zoos★★☆☆☆A Delayed PuzzleMoonlight Scimitar (25)
13Suma Sahma☆☆☆☆☆BlessingMoonlight Scimitar (25)
14Korsh O’hu☆☆☆☆☆BlessingFlamespear (24)

Gerudo Highlands

No.NameDifficultyChallenge NameRewards
1Kema Kosassa★★★★☆A Major Test of StrenghtGuardian Shield ++ (42)
Ancient Battle Axe ++ (60)
Guardian Spear ++ (20)
Silver Rupee
2Keeha Yoog☆☆☆☆☆BlessingDiamond
3Kuh Takkar★★★★☆Melting Ice HazardFrostblade (20)
4Sho Dantu★★★☆☆Two BombsSilver Rupee
5Sasa Kai★★★☆☆A Modest Test of StrengthGuardian Sword + (30)
Guardian Spear + (15)
Frostblade (20)
6Joloo Nah★★★★☆ApparatusGolden Claymore (28)

Hyrule Ridge

No.NameDifficultyChallenge NameRewards
1Monya Toma★★★☆☆Drawing ParabolasThunderblade (22)
2Zalta Wa★★★☆☆Two Orbs to Guide YouKnight’s Bow (26)
3Sheem Dagoze★★☆☆☆Moving in ParallelGreat Thunderblade (32)
4Mogg Latan★★★★☆Synced SwingForest Dweller’s Spear (11)
Forest Dweller’s Bow (19)
Gold Rupee
5Mijah Rokee★★★☆☆A Modest Test of StrengthGuardian Sword + (30)
Guardian Shield + (30)
Frostblade (20)
6Shae Loya★★★☆☆Aim for the MomentTopaz
Falcon Bow
7Toh Yahsa★★★☆☆Buried SecretsRubber Armor
8Maag No’rah☆☆☆☆☆BlessingSilver Rupee


No.NameDifficultyChallenge NameRewards
1Tena Ko’sah★★★★☆A Major Test of StrenghtGuardian Sword ++ (40)
Ancient Battle Axe ++ (60)
Guardian Shield ++ (42)
Knight’s Halberd
2Akh Va’quot★★★★☆WindmillsAncient Core
Feathered Spear
3Sha Warvo★★☆☆☆Path of Hidden WindsPurple Rupee
Knight’s Bow
4Rin Oyaa★★★☆☆Directing the WindAncient Core
5Sha Gehma★★★☆☆Shift and LockRoyal Broadsword
6Qaza Tokki☆☆☆☆☆BlessingBarbarian Leg Wraps
7Hia Miu★★★★☆A Major Test of StrengthAncient Battle Axe ++ (60)
Guardian Spear ++ (20)
8Maka Rah★★★☆☆Steady They Heart10x Bomb Arrow
Ancient Core
9Voo Lota★★★☆☆The Winding RouteFlameblade (24)
10Dunba Taag★★★★☆Build and ReleaseGreat Thunderblade (32)
Falcon Bow (20)
11Gee Ha’rah★★★☆☆TandemDiamond
12Lanno Kooh☆☆☆☆☆BlessingGold Rupee
13Rok Uwog★★★☆☆Power of ReachGuardian Weapons
14Goma Asaagh★★★★☆A Major Test of StrenghtGuardian Sword ++ (40)
Ancient Core
Ancient Battle Axe ++ (60)
Guardian Spear ++ (20)
Royal Claymore (52)
15Shada Naw★★★★☆Red GiveawayGreat Frostblade (30)
16Bareeda Naag★★☆☆☆CannonSwallow Bow (9)
17Rona Kachta☆☆☆☆☆BlessingGreat Flameblade
18Kah Okeo★★★★★Wind GuideKorok Leaf
Guardian Weapons
2x Gold Rupee
Forest Dweller’s Sword
Giant Ancient Core
19Mozo Shenno★★★★☆A Major Test of StrengthGuardian Sword ++ (40)
Ancient Battle Axe ++ (60)
Guardian Spear ++ (20)
20To Quomo☆☆☆☆☆BlessingRoyal Claymore (52)

Great Hyrule Forest

No.NameDifficultyChallenge NameRewards
1Keo Ruug★★★★★Fateful StarsKnight’s Claymore
2Maag Halan☆☆☆☆☆BlessingGiant Ancient Core
3Daag Chokah☆☆☆☆☆BlessingAncient Core
4Kuhn Sidajj☆☆☆☆☆BlessingGiant Ancient Core
5Ketoh Wawai☆☆☆☆☆BlessingAncient Core


No.NameDifficultyChallenge NameRewards
1Mo’a Keet★★☆☆☆Metal Makes a PathKnight’s Broadsword (26)
2Sah Dahaj★☆☆☆☆Power of FireKnight’s Bow (26)
3Tah Muhl★☆☆☆☆Passing the FlameRuby
Cobble Crusher (32)
4Mirro Shaz★★★☆☆Tempered Power2x Iron Sledgehammer (12)
Giant Ancient Core
5Qua Raym Shrine★☆☆☆☆A Balanced ApproachKnight’s Claymore
6Kayra Mah★★☆☆☆Greedy HillRuby
5x Bomb Arrow
7Daqa Koh★☆☆☆☆Stalled FlightSilver Rupee
8Shae Mo’sah★★☆☆☆Swinging FlamesStone Smasher (42)
10x Ice Arrow
9Shora Hah★★★★★Blue FlameRoyal Bow (38)
Great Flameblade (34)
Giant Ancient Core
Silver Rupee
Forest Dweller’s Sword
Guardian Weapons
10x Ice Arrow
10Gorae Torr☆☆☆☆☆BlessingGreat Frostblade (30)


No.NameDifficultyChallenge NameRewards
1Tu Ka’loh☆☆☆☆☆BlessingBarbarian Helm
2Zuna Kai☆☆☆☆☆ApparatusFlameblade (24)
3Tutsuwa Nima★★★★☆A Major Test of StrengthGuardian Spear ++ (20)
Guardian Shield ++ (42)
Guardian Sword ++ (40)
Flamespear (24)
4Katosa Aug★☆☆☆☆ApparatusGreat Frostblade (30)
5Ritaag Zumo☆☆☆☆☆BlessingGiant Ancient Core
6Ze Kasho★☆☆☆☆BlessingSilverscale Spear (12)
7Dah Hesho★☆☆☆☆A Minor Test of StrengthAncient Battle Axe (30)
Giant Ancient Core
8Kah Mael★★☆☆☆Drop and RiseDiamond
9Ke’nai Shakah★★★★☆A Modest Test of StrengthAncient Battle Axe + (45)
Guardian Sword + (30)


No.NameDifficultyChallenge NameRewards
1Dow Na’eh★★☆☆☆Three BoxesOpal
Zora Sword (15)
2Tahno O’ah☆☆☆☆☆BlessingClimbing Boots
3Jitan Sa’mi☆☆☆☆☆BlessingFrostspear (20)
4Mezza Lo★☆☆☆☆Ancient TrifectaThunderblade (22)
5Rucco Maag★★★★☆Five FlamesSilver Bow (15)
6Shai Yota☆☆☆☆☆BlessingGreat Flameblade
7Ne’ez Yohma★★☆☆☆Pushing PowerZora Spear (9)
8Dagah Keek☆☆☆☆☆BlessingSilver Rupee
9Soh Kofi★★☆☆☆A Minor Test of StrengthGuardian Shield (18)
Guardian Sword (20)
Knight’s Bow
10Sheh Rata★★★★☆Speed of LightOpal
Giant Boomerang (32)

Central Hyrule

No.NameDifficultyChallenge NameRewards
1Kaam Ya’tak★★★☆☆Trial of PowerEdge of Duality (50)
Knight’s Broadsword (26)
Ancient Core
Silver Rupee
2Katah Chuki★★☆☆☆A Minor Test of StrengthGuardian Spear (10)
Royal Halberd (26)
3Noya Neha★★☆☆☆A Minor Test of StrenghtAncient Battle Axe
Knight’s Shield (40)
4Saas Ko’sah★★★★☆A Major Test of StrengthAncient Battle Axe ++ (60)
Guardian Spear ++ (20)
Guardian Sword ++ (40)
Flameblade (24)
5Namika Ozz★★☆☆☆A Modest Test of StrengthAncient Battle Axe + (45)
Guardian Spear +
Frostspear (20)
6Kaya Wan★★★☆☆Shields from WaterAncient Core
Knight’s Broadsword (26)
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