Pokemon GO Water Festival Release Date & Time

The Pokemon GO Water Festival release date and time is coming closer, so Trainers want to know all the details in order to prepare accordingly. So, that’s exactly what we’ll be giving you in this guide. Specifically, we’ll give you all the basic information you need, and we’ll briefly cover the most interesting parts.

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pokemon go water festival release date & time
Pokemon GO Water Festival Release Date & Time

Water Festival Release Date & Time in Pokemon GO

The release date and time of the Pokemon GO Water Festival is Thursday, May 12th, 2022 at 10 AM local server time. The event will last until Friday, May 20th at 8 PM local time. Technically speaking, since Mega Blastoise will return to Mega Raids starting on May 10th, we can kinda see that as a prelude to the Water Festival. Side note; Mega Blastoise will stay in Mega Raids until May 25th. Anyway, that’s just over a week to enjoy everything the event has to offer, so let’s dive into that for a bit.

First off, several Pokemon will be making their debuts during the festival. These are Lapras with a scarf, Dewpider and its evolution Araquanid, and Shiny Binacle. Then, of course, we have Tapu Fini guardian deity of Poni Island, in the Raids. For more info on that, check out our Tapu Fini Counters, Weakness, Best Moveset in Pokemon GO guide. When the Pokemon GO Water Festival release date and time rolls around, you’ll also get to enjoy the Poni Adventure Special Research tasks and rewards.

During the entire event, you’ll get special bonuses. Specifically, you’ll get twice the Candy from hatching Eggs, Rainy Lure Modules will last for two hours, and you’ll also get increased Candy XL from hatching Eggs. Of course, various Water-type Pokemon will be appearing in Eggs, Raids, in the wild, etc. If you want more info on the Water Festival, you can find it here.

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