Crown Tundra Calyrex Steed & Carrot Seeds

Calyrex Steed in Crown Tundra is a quest that you’ll have to complete for Calyrex if you want to add it to your Pokedex, and the process includes finding Carrot Seeds. The King of Bountiful Harvests quest line is long and winding, and even features some riddles that you must solve. Not to mention the loads of back-and-forth walking. So, in our Crown Tundra Calyrex Steed & Carrot Seeds guide, we’ll show you everything you need to do to complete King of Bountiful Harvests, including how to get Carrot Seeds and Dynite Ore.

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crown tundra calyrex steed & carrot seeds
Crown Tundra Calyrex Steed & Carrot Seeds

How to Get Calyrex Steed in Crown Tundra – Legendary Clue 1 – King of Bountiful Harvests

To get the Calyrex Steed in Crown Tundra, you have to solve the Legendary Clue 1 about the King of Bountiful Harvests. It tells you to and look at the statue outside, but that step is superfluous. Instead, head into your base and inspect the crown on the table. The old man has been using it to sleep on, so tell him that you need it. With the crown in hand, go and place it onto the statue. Calyrex will spawn, and you’ll do battle. You won’t be able to catch it though; instead it’ll ask you for help finding its horse.

The next step is to talk to every person in the village that you can find, including the old lady on the bench and the mayor. You should probably talk to the mayor first; he’ll be on the map as an exclamation point, next to some ruins. When you’re done with all of this, go to the mayor’s house and talk to him again. He’ll tell you to read some books on his shelves. The only two you have to read for this quest are “Hard Crops for the Tundra” and “Reins of Unity.”

With your newfound knowledge, go back and talk to Calyrex and tell him about the carrots. The Pokemon will then ask you to get some carrot seeds. That segues us nicely to our next point.

How to Get Carrot Seeds for Crown Tundra Calyrex Steed

To get the Carrot Seeds in the Calyrex Steed quest in Crown Tundra, go to the center of Freezington and talk to the old man standing next to the crops. He’ll mention that he has some special seeds he’d like to sell you. The potential problem here is that you need at least eight Dynite Ore. You get those from Dynamax Adventures; we’ll get more into that in a moment here. Give him what he wants, and take the Carrot Seeds.

Now, go back and talk to our King of Bountiful Harvests, aka Calyrex. You’ll have a choice to make at this juncture. You can plant the Seeds either in a cemetery or on the mountain. If you plant it in the cemetery, you’ll get the Spectrier steed, who’s a Ghost/Psychic Pokemon. On the other hand, if you pick the mountain, you’ll get Glastrier, an Ice/Psychic Pokemon. It’s entirely up to you which one you choose.

Calyrex Steed – Choose Shaderoot Carrot or Iceroot Carrot

Whether you choose a Shaderoot Carrot or Iceroot Carrot or Iceroot Carrot will directly influence whether you get Spectrier or Glastrier, respectively. Basically, the difference is as follows. Spectrier can’t take a lot of damage, but can hit really, really hard. Plus, it’s fast. On the other hand, Glastrier is slow, can crash through walls, and also packs quite a punch. For more details, check out our Glastrier or Spectrier Crown Tundra guide.

After you plant the carrot, the horse will start attacking the crops in the town, so run over and defeat it. Again, you can’t catch it yet. Talk to Calyrex again, and it’ll tell you about the Reins and give you the flower petal. Go speak with the Mayor and make the Reins. With the Reins and Carrot in hand, talk with Calyrex, and go to the Crown Shrine together. A brief (and really cool) cutscene will play, and after that, you have to fight and catch the Pokemon. Don’t worry if you kill it, you can always try again after sleeping.

How to Get Dynite Ore in Crown Tundra

To get Dynite Ore in Crown Tundra, you have to participate in Dynamax Adventures. The better you do in the dungeon, aka the further along you get, the more Dynite Ore you acquire. If you complete it entirely, you’ll get eight (plus a random Legendary), but if you don’t, the reward will be like three or so. Just try and pick a path where the Pokemon you’re strongest against are. It’s pretty hard, but I believe in you! You’ll have enough to buy Carrot Seeds for Calyrax, King of the Bountiful Harvests, soon enough. You can check out our Crown Tundra Dynite Ore guide for more deets.

Incidentally, the quest text at the end of the quest reads as follows: “Calyrex, the King of Bountiful Harvests, was able to reconnect with its loyal steed using the new Reins of Unity. Calyrex also seems to have regained its trust in humankind. As thanks for helping it regain its power, Calyrex is allowing me to take it along on my adventure!”

And, well, there you have it. If you need further help with the game, check out some of the other guides we’ve written. For example, we’ve got Crown Tundra Regidrago & Regieleki, Registeel Crown Tundra, and Crown Tundra Pokedex – Pokemon List.

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