Galarian Zapdos Crown Tundra - Legendary Clue 3

Galarian Zapdos is one of the new pokemon in Crown Tundra. You can catch this Bird Pokemon of Legend, but it’s going to be difficult. You’ll first have to figure out where to find Galarian Zapdos, by using the hints from Legendary Clue 3, and then you’ll have to figure out how to catch Galarian Zapdos, which is no easy feat. If you’re having trouble with either, our Galarian Zapdos Crown Tundra guide will help you.

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galarian zapdos crown tundra legendary clue 3
Galarian Zapdos Crown Tundra – Legendary Clue 3

Where to find Galarian Zapdos?

Before you can look for this pokemon, you’ll have to go to Dyna Tree Hill, to the giant tree, where you’ll find the three legendary birds engaged in a scuffle. After that is over, take a look at the Bird Pokemon of Legend riddle on Legendary Clue 3. You’ll see that the bird of orange dashed off to the Wild Area. Head on over to the area right outside of Motostoke City, and you’ll probably see a clouds of dust following an orange blur.

How to catch Galarian Zapdos?

The Galarian Zapdos is incredibly fast – the description says it can go up to 180 km/h. You won’t be able to catch it by simply pursuing it, as your bike can’t develop the speed required for it. However, what you can do is follow it and wait for it to make a turn, then cut it off. It’s either that, or running it into a corner.

Once you have managed to start the encounter, you’ll just have to battle and catch it using a poke ball, like any other pokemon. Make sure to save the game before the encounter, so you can reload if it escapes, instead of chasing it around again. Stock up on some nice quality balls before you begin, to increase your chances of catching it on the first try.