SW Jedi Fallen Order Unlock Abilities, Powers & Tools

Abilities in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order include various powers, tools and droid upgrades. You can get most of these unlocks from the main story, but some of them can be obtained earlier in specific places. If you’re wondering how to unlock abilities in SW Jedi Fallen Order, this guide will show you how to get all of them – double-bladed lightsaber, force push and pull, scomp link, overcharge, zipline, droid hack, double jump, climbing claws and underwater breather.

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sw jedi fallen order unlock abilities powers tools
SW Jedi Fallen Order Unlock Abilities, Powers & Tools

Double-bladed lightsaber

The regular way of obtaining the double-bladed lightsaber will have you waiting until Kashyyyk, but you can get it as soon as you’ve left Bogano, if you’re willing to stray a bit. There’s one on Dathomir, hidden away in a secret workshop on the far side of the planet. It’s in the Brother’s Bastion area, near where you meet the Wanderer. Follow the scaffolding until you reach a workbench, and you’ll get your weapon.

Force push

You’ll get force push during the main story on Zeffo, on your first visit. You’ll unlock it in the Tomb of Eliram, and you’ll get a chance to test it soon enough – during the golden sphere puzzle there.

Scomp link

The scomp link is naturally unlocked in a story mission on Zeffo, but you can grab it as soon as you have the force push power. Go to the Weathered Monument area and break the blue glowing wall to enter a secret bunker in the base of the statue. You’ll find the upgrade there, on a workbench.


You can get the overcharge droid upgrade on your first visit to Kashyyyk. Once you reach the Forest Trench area, look for a tunnel on the right. It’ll be blocked by thick cables – cut them with the lightsaber and follow the corridor to a workshop. There will be a workbench on the right where you can install the new droid tool.

Powered zipline

You’ll get the powered zipline on your second visit to Zeffo, during the quest to explore the Imperial excavation. After you take the elevator from the Ventor Wreckage to the Imperial Dig Site, you’ll ride a few zip lines and end up in a workshop with a couple of security droids and a storm trooper. Check the workbench to get the droid upgrade.

Force pull

The force pull ability is unlocked during a main story mission on Zeffo, on your second visit. You’ll find it in the Tomb of Miktrull, and the rest of it will be filled with puzzles that teach you how to use it and enforce the habit. One particular challenge you might get stuck on is the glass container & magnet puzzle.

Slice: probe droid

You can get this upgrade shortly after obtaining the force pull ability, but you can also miss it. After you leave the Tomb of Miktrull, you’ll end up in the Imperial Headquarters. You’ll have to do some wall running and vine swinging to progress, and at some point, you’ll land on a ledge with a storm trooper. If you look into the alcove on the left, you’ll find a workbench there. Interact with it to get the ability to hack probe droids.

Climbing claws

This tool is located on Dathomir. The story will lead you there after your second visit to Kashyyyk. Go to the Brother’s Bastion area, past the Wanderer and towards the ruins. You’ll reach a wall you can’t climb – inspect it and a Nightbrother will throw a big rock onto you. You’ll slide into the depths of the cave system, where you’ll have to do a whole lot of exploration, platforming and fighting. In the end, you’ll have to battle a giant Gorgara boss. After the battle, you’ll find the claws on a dead Nightbrother, next to a wall you can’t climb without them. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try going there as soon as you have the force pull ability – we haven’t tried it, though, so there’s no guarantee.

Underwater breather

This tool is a reward for completing a main mission – you can’t miss it. You’ll get it from Mari Kosan on Kashyyyk, after you find Tarfful and Mari in the Shadowlands. You’ll need it in order to climb the Origin Tree.

Jedi flip – double jump

The double jump is also one of the main story abilities. You’ll get it on Kashyyyk, while you’re climbing the Origin Tree. As you jump on a bounce plant, you’ll get a flashback and be transported into a training sequence. When you complete it, you’ll have the jedi flip ability.

Slice: security droid

This droid upgrade is on Kashyyyk, in the Imperial Refinery. You can get it during or after your second visit. You’ll have to go around the entire compound to get to the giant open oil canisters, then go across the mixing paddle, drop down onto the lower walkway and use the vines to get to a platform where the workbench is. Next to it, there’s also a console that unlocks a shortcut.

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