Pokemon Sword & Shield How to Increase Shiny Pokemon Chance - Foreign Ditto

Increasing Shiny Pokemon breeding chances in Pokemon Sword & Shield involve breeding with Pokemon from outside your country, and foreign Dittos are a very important part of that. Breeding Pokemon always has a chance to grant you a Shiny Pokemon, and Pokemon SwSh is no exception. However, there are ways to increase the odds of that happening, as we’ve already said. We’re going to show you how to get Foreign Ditto & increase Shiny Pokemon breeding in Pokemon Sword & Shield in this guide.

Pokemon Sword & Shield How to Increase Shiny Pokemon Chance Foreign Ditto
Pokemon Sword & Shield How to Increase Shiny Pokemon Chance – Foreign Ditto

How to Increase Chance of Breeding Shiny Pokemon – How to Get Foreign Ditto?

To increase your chances of breeding a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you have to breed your Pokemon with one from somewhere else around the world, ideally, a foreign Ditto (I’ll explain why in a minute). For example, if you’re in the US, you should breed your Pokemon with one from outside the US. So, naturally, you’ll have to trade to get them. If you don’t know how to trade in this game, check out our Trade Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield guide.

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Anyway, this is where Dittos become a very precious commodity. See, a Ditto can breed with every Pokemon. So, obtaining a Foreign Ditto gives you the freedom to choose which Pokemon you want to attempt to get a Shiny Egg from. So, if you have a Ditto to trade with somebody from a different country, odds are good that you’ll be able to get a damned good deal for it. The best option would be to trade your Ditto for a foreign ditto of your own.

Where to Find & Catch Ditto in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

To find and catch Ditto in Pokemon Sword & Shield, the only place that we know to look is Lake of Outrage. It’s a Wild Area to the southeast of Hammerlocke. Which is just as well, because the stone circle there let’s you get almost all Evolution Stones in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Just make sure you have the Water Rotom Bike first, because you can’t get there without it.

Once you reach land in the Lake of Outrage, ride around the area and keep an eye out on Ditto. As you can see in the image above, we found Ditto in the grass. It was visible, it didn’t appear as an exclamation mark, but it might. Just be patient and keep going until Ditto shows up. Or go away and return later, that might work.

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  1. T

    I have also found a Ditto in Dynamax raids in the Hammerlocke area. No need for bike upgrades. Hope that helps someone.

    1. P

      I’d love to trade with you if you’re still looking.

  2. D

    I’m French and I want to exchange my ditto with another ditto (other country than France) to do the Masuda technic to have shiny pokemon.

    My friends code:

    1. Z

      Hi Dav929, I’m from Italy and i can give you my Ditto if you want. Later I’ll use your friend code. Accept the friend request from zShiny. Thanks in advance! 😀

      1. M

        I’ll trade you a Australian ditto mate?

        1. Z

          Bro send me your friend code for Ditto

          1. J

            So we have France, Italy, Australia, and if you count myself the United States! I’d love to do some trading with you guys as well! (And yes, I have a ditto)

          2. Z

            My Switch Friends Code:
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        2. J

          I have a usa ditto I’ll gladly trade for a foreign

        3. C

          Hey! I’m desperately looking for another language ditto! Mine is English. SW-6950-2446-7504

        4. C
          Connal Sullivan

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          i want to a ditto of a diferent country. im spanish

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      2. D
        Dillon Valentim

        Still wanna trade

      3. C
        Claire Payne

        Hi! I’m in Canada and I’d love to trade Dittos with you! My friend code is SW-8110-5992-3426

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          Christian Sobande

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      I got you I’m from america

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        im from spain and i want a ditto

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          Dylan Turbow

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      Colton Mansfield

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      Dwayne Brown

      Hey guys, I’ve Adament and Modest dittos, looking to trade for same nature dittos but from Aus or America

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      Spanish ditto to trade here 😉

      1. A
        Almond Roxas

        trade to gigantamax butterfree/pikachu?

      2. C

        I have an American Ditto.
        My friend code is SW-2141-8478-6225

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      Kaiden Brunke

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      Joel Acevedo

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      Hi you still want to trade that ditto? Ill be able to trade in 2 hours

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      Let’s trade! I’m from the u.s. and need a foreign ditto (sorry, I’m clueless about how to give out my friend code)

    12. B
      Blaine cords

      I’ll trade you one dosent have to be iv good either just different country

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      Jesse Ibarra

      Hey dav I’m willing to trade dittos ? I’m from the US looking for a ditto out of the country

      1. R

        I’m willing to trade you I have a US ditto

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          SW-0154-0490-9729 someone please trade me a foreign ditto

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      Jesse Ibarra

      I am from the US looking for a ditto from another country ! Preferred one out of a Mac raid or at least something with decent stats to breed for battles and shiny

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      I can trade with you i have an american ditto

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    Looking to trade my ENG Ditto for a non ENG ditto (or for a ditto from Europe or Australia) if someone wants to help id be grateful! <3

    1. S
      Saiki J

      Hello, I don’t have a ditto right now, but I live in Austrailia and can get one for you! (If, of course, you trade ME one.) Also, do you NEED to have a paid membership to trade online? Thanks!

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