Gold Cooking - Perfect 5 Stars Curry in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword & Shield Gold Charizard Class perfect Curry is a dish that you can cook in the camp, but it is very difficult to get. In order to make the Charizard Gold Curry in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you need the ingredients, proper technique, and maybe a little help. Just like real-life cooking. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to cook perfect Gold Charizard 5 star Curry in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Gold Cooking - Perfect 5 Stars Curry in Pokemon Sword & Shield
Gold Cooking – Perfect 5 Stars Curry in Pokemon Sword & Shield (image by Reddit user 3_Slice)

How to Cook Perfect 5 Star Charizard Gold Curry in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

To cook the perfect, five- star Charizard Gold Curry in Pokemon Sword & Shield, the first step is choosing the ingredients. The base ingredient doesn’t seem to matter, it can be anything, such as sausages or what have you. The real secret seems to be in berries. Toss in as many rare berries as you can and have, this seems to help things out. I don’t think the flavor profiles matter necessarily, but it’s probably best to pay at least a little attention to it.

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The second step is to make sure that the little sparkles appear during the Fan the Flames and Stirring phases. In the Fan the Flames stage, first mash the button quickly until steam starts coming out. Then, slow down, but keep a steady pace. When it comes to stirring, start off slow and increase the speed as you go. Again, the little sparkles will let you know that you’re doing well. As for putting your heart into it, make sure that the heart lands into the light-green ring; the closer to the center, the better. Think of it as catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Lastly, cooking with other people in the camp seems to increase the odds of getting a Gold Curry. You can do it solo, but the help of other people is highly advised. Even an NPC camp should do the trick; it doesn’t have to be with another player.

Where Can I Buy Curry Ingredients?

To buy curry ingredients in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you can visit two vendors in the Wild Area. Both of them are dressed as hikers, in green gear. They look absolutely identical, actually. The first one is just outside Hammerlocke. Teleport to Hammerlocke Hills, and look to your immediate left. There are several vendors there, and you want the one in green. The second vendor is in Rolling Hills. Start from the Meetup Spot, and ride straight towards the lake. The vendor will pop up next to one of the solitary trees on the right, near the water.

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