Destiny Knot Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword & Shield Destiny Knot is an item that you can get in the game, and it is very useful when it comes to breeding Pokemon. Figuring out the location of the Pokemon Sword & Shield Destiny Knot is not too difficult, all things considered, but getting your hands on it is a different matter. So, let’s see where to find the Destiny Knot in Pokemon Sword & Shield together.

Destiny Knot Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield
Destiny Knot Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Where to Find Pokemon Sword & Shield Destiny Knot?

To find the Destiny Knot in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you’ll have to make your way to Hammerlocke. Go into the first Pokemon Center that you come across when you enter the city, the one just before the drawbridge leading into the castle. Once inside, head to the right and talk to the woman in the League uniform with Poke Balls hanging off her belt like gun holsters. Browse here wares, and you’ll come across the Destiny Knot in no time. Incidentally, this vendor also sells the Razor Claws and various Pokemon Vitamins, in case you need those.

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Now, there’s a catch here. As you can see in the screenshot up top, this vendor demands BPs as currency. How do you get BPs, aka Battle Points? By participating in battles in the Battle Tower in Wyndon. How do you unlock the Battle Tower? By beating the main story in Pokemon Sword & Shield. So, yeah; it’ll be a hot minute before you can purchase the Destiny Knot. Maybe you can find the Destiny Knot in the overworld somewhere, but if there is, we’ve missed it. If you know where to find it, please, do let us know in the comments.

The Destiny Knot will become important when you start breeding Pokemon. You need to give the Knot to a Pokemon that you’re planning to breed. If you do, their kid(s) will get a minimum of five of the combined 12 IV points from the parents. That’s a significant leg up compared to normal breeding. Combine it with breeding Egg Moves, and you can have some pretty devastating little critters at your disposal eventually.

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